The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5406

charlie said, “It seems that your ancestors really have a deep relationship with that ancestor Meng.”

“Yes.” The old lady said, “The ancestors left the ancestral instructions during their lifetime. The Jiang family members are not allowed to leave here for generations. They must always guard the tombs of Meng Laozu’s wife and children, because Meng Laozu told him when he parted from my family’s ancestors. If you find the way of longevity, you will definitely come back to find my ancestor and give him some blessings…”

charlie said in a low voice, “This ancestor Meng hasn’t shown up since then?”

“No.” The old lady shook her head and said “The Jiang family has not left here for more than a thousand years, and they have never seen the person in the painting appear here. Perhaps the old ancestor Meng failed to find the way of longevity, and he may have passed away at the threshold of two hundred years old…”

charlie nodded and said, “It’s not impossible. Although Rejuvenation Pill is a panacea, it can’t be superimposed on anyone without limit. With Rejuvenation Pill alone, you can’t live to be two hundred years old. Even if you have spiritual energy, you can’t live forever.” If you want to live forever, you still need other opportunities.”

Even in the “Nine Xuantian Jing”, there is no record of any method to make people live forever. However, there is no record in the “Nine Xuantian Jing” on how to make the aura more powerful, so powerful that it can reach a state of invincibility and immortality.

Moreover, in the “Nine Xuantian Jing”, there is no method that can make people live for more than two hundred years. The ability is close to that of a god, but there is no such kind of elixir that can make people live for a hundred years, or even thousands of years.

Therefore, it is theoretically impossible for Ancestor Meng to still be alive more than a thousand years later, and his life may have stopped at a certain deadline.

This kind of person spends his life only practicing, and may die without a single person by his side. He is driving west in a cave in a deep mountain and old forest, and in the end he will not be able to escape the six words Dust to ashes, Dust to dust. earth. Thinking of this, charlie asked the old

lady again, “Grandma, your people, have you not left here for so many years?”

After thinking too much, he said, “My ancestor’s ancestral precepts didn’t tell us not to leave each other. He hoped that we could stay here, but at the same time, he hoped that we could know the world’s affairs, so the Jiang family has always attached great importance to reading. When I was young, my father taught me to read and read, and later sent me down the mountain to study in middle school. In the intervening years, some descendants could not hold back and sneaked out, but most of them have been living here… …”

charlie asked her, “It must be very hard to live here, right?” The

old lady smiled and said, “In this deep mountain, except for being sick and troublesome, eating and drinking are not a problem. Our people have been farming in spring and summer and hunting in autumn and winter. Very good, and it is far away from the flames of war. For more than a thousand years, no one has fought here, so we can guarantee that the family inheritance has never been broken.”

charlie asked again, “Other people in this village are Are you a member of the clan?” The

old lady said, “There are very few people surnamed Jiang here now.”

She said, “The Jiang family has not been prosperous for more than a thousand years, especially males. In the early years, we had many female descendants who wanted to marry. In order not to leave here as much as possible, we had to find a way to find a wife. There are more and more people with foreign surnames, and they are all men. As the yin and yang decline, the Jiang family’s right to speak gradually becomes smaller and smaller; “

“Many men who marry into the family agree that the child they give birth will follow the woman’s surname Jiang. I repented, I have to take the man’s surname, or I have to take the child out of here, there is no way, the Jiang family is a woman’s family, and the arms can’t twist the thighs, so I gradually let them go; “

“Here is a man with a different surname. A child with a foreign surname, and the child with a foreign surname married or married another person with a foreign surname. Over time, there were fewer and fewer people with the surname Jiang. But there are almost no ones surnamed Jiang, only our mother and I are left.”

charlie nodded, and then asked, “Do people with other surnames know these things about Old Ancestor Meng?”


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