The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5407

“People with other surnames don’t know.” The old lady replied, “These things have only been known in the Jiang family.”

charlie nodded lightly, and asked her, “The Jiang family hopes to wait here until Old Ancestor Meng .” Appear?” The

old lady sighed, and said blankly, “In the past, my grandfather and my father were still looking forward to the appearance of Ancestor Meng. It can start a brand new life…”

Speaking of this, the old lady sighed a little dejectedly, “But I lost three sons in a row, and I didn’t have this youngest son until I was forty-five years old, okay? After Yi Yi pulls him into adulthood, I don’t care about anything else except him.”

charlie said, “If that ancestor Meng is still alive and willing to fulfill his promise, you can also leave the chance of longevity to your son “The

old lady gave a wry smile, pointed to her temple, and said with some pain, “My son was born with some dystocia, which caused him to have some problems in his brain after he was born. Don’t think he looks like a normal person on the surface, in fact Still a bit duller than the average person, simpler, and less discerning…”

As she spoke, the old lady paused slightly, and continued, “I still dare not let him know these things, because I am afraid that his child will not be able to keep his temper. The secret…”

“To put it bluntly, the Jiang family has been waiting for so many years just to wait for a chance of immortality. Although it is very slim, they are still unwilling to give up;”

“But I don’t want to wait now. If I really wait, I won’t give up.” Maybe I want to live forever, but my

yaoer is immature, if I let him live forever, it may be a bad thing for him; If he has a long life, he may have a good death in a public nursing home in the future. If he really has a long life, he may die in a few years…”

charlie nodded in agreement, and said sincerely, “To tell you the truth, one thousand four five A hundred years have passed, and I think Old Ancestor Meng should have passed away, even if we wait, we are doomed to not wait for this opportunity.”

The old lady nodded slightly, and sighed, “I also feel that there is little hope, so I was so bewitched by others, wanting to go out to work and earn a lot of money, and take me to live in the city. I also got used to him, so I sold a piece of jewelry handed down by my ancestors.” , I made some money, and 1 went to Mexico with him, but I never thought that that time, my mother and I almost lost our lives. Thanks to the rescue of benefactor, we were lucky enough to come back alive…”

Said, The old lady suddenly remembered something, and said, “By the way, my son was dying when he was in Mexico, but when we woke up on the bus, his whole body was in the same state as ordinary people. Is it your blessing?”

charlie nodded, “At that time, he was in a state of dying, and it was impossible to save him by ordinary means, so I gave him a blood-scattering and heart-saving pill, which is very magical, but It is still worse than Huichun Pill.” The

old lady was surprised, and said gratefully, “You can give me such a precious medicine, this kindness, the old woman will definitely remember it for the rest of her life… But the old woman is nothing. I don’t know how I can repay your life-saving grace…”

charlie looked at the phoenix bone and rattan bracelet in his hand, and said calmly, “Grandma , although this junior saved you and your son, this bracelet of yours is extremely precious. I have done this junior a great favor, and from this junior’s point of view, even if this junior has done this, I still feel indebted.” The

old lady said with some trepidation, “Don’t think so, benefactor… No matter how precious something is, it is always a thing, and it cannot be compared Life is more important…”

charlie smiled slightly, “When we parted that day, I promised you that I would come to see you in person after returning to China, and that I would let you and your son have no worries in life, so I came here this time to fulfill my promise.” As promised, I asked someone to buy a small villa in Shudu and a nearby front house, and you can move there with your son.” The

old lady quickly said, “Mr. We have nothing to pay for our lives, how can we ask for your real estate anymore…”


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  1. Thank you so much. Am expecting that lola will accept Charlie’s offer. Could the ring of alani be the jewelry that lola sold out?😝

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