The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5409

The old lady Jiang didn’t know that the pill that charlie took out was the Rejuvenation Pill that the ancestors of the Jiang family told the descendants.

In the past thousand years, the Rejuvenation Pill has been an elixir to the Jiang family. It is a legend that only exists in the memories of the ancestors, and it is impossible for him to see the real thing in his life.

Therefore, even the old lady Jiang at this time did not think that this elixir would be the famous Rejuvenation Pill.

However, even though she really thought that this was just some kind of pill made by charlie himself, she still said without thinking, “Grandpa, you are so kind to us, how can I…”

charlie knew that she still wanted to keep the same old tune He played again, so he said casually, “It’s okay, but it’s just a random pill, just like you use your own bacon to entertain guests

. When the wife heard this, she was also afraid that she would keep refusing to make charlie angry, so she said cautiously, “Then thank you benefactor!” After saying that

, she took the Huichun Dan from charlie’s hand.

charlie reminded, “Grandma, you might as well eat it and try it.” The

old lady Jiang nodded slightly, and then put the Rejuvenation Pill into her mouth.

Originally, Mrs. Jiang wanted to swallow it with water as soon as she swallowed it, but she didn’t expect that the elixir would turn into a different kind of medicinal power as soon as it was ingested, and quickly spread throughout the body.

Before she had time to be shocked, she felt as if her whole body was like a spring breeze, as if some kind of change was happening rapidly all over her body, which made her feel an unprecedented sense of comfort.

What she couldn’t see was that most of her already white hair had turned black in an instant, and the wrinkles on her face had also lightened a lot, making her look much younger.

However, at this time, Mrs. Jiang had already realized through her own feelings that this elixir was very miraculous and extraordinary, so she couldn’t hide her shock and asked charlie, “Grandpa, why does the elixir you gave me feel so good?” magic?!”

charlie smiled slightly, and said calmly, “Because the elixir I gave you is the Rejuvenation Pill.”

“Rejuvenation Pill?!” The old lady Jiang looked horrified, and murmured, “Grandpa…you …how could you have rejuvenation pills…and…how can I, a bad old woman, be worthy of this kind of elixir…”

charlie said lightly, “Grandma, you can look in the mirror, you Now the whole person looks twenty years younger.”

Mrs. Jiang subconsciously found a broken mirror and looked at it, and her whole body was struck by lightning!

charlie said again at this time, “Take this Rejuvenation Pill, and the matter of helping your son take care of his grandson will be sure. The Rejuvenation Pill can help you prolong your life by twenty years. If your son pays close attention, maybe you can still see your grandson.” Get married.”

“This… this…” Mrs. Jiang was both happy and anxious, pacing on the same spot, muttering in her mouth, “What can I do… What can I do…”

charlie smiled and said, ” Grandma, there is no need to worry about this anymore. The problem now is that you have suddenly become so much younger. If you still live here, the neighbors will be very surprised. If it gets out, it may bring you Trouble, so in my opinion, you pack up and go with us tonight. We will send you to Shudu and help you and your son settle down. You don’t have any relatives or friends. When you arrive in Shudu, you will be everything Starting over, your son can run his own business and find his love there, and you can live with him with peace of mind, and even have the energy and physical strength to help and help him, which is beneficial and harmless.”

charlie’s words touched Old Madam Jiang completely. She burst into tears unknowingly. Because her body suddenly became much younger, she suddenly knelt down in front of charlie, kowtowed heavily, and said reverently, ” Thank you benefactor for your great kindness, the old woman


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