The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5413

When Isaac Cameron arrived at the entrance of the community, he parked his car at the door of the store he had already bought. Seeing four people get out of the car, two young men walked out of a Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle at the door, and the two walked quickly. When they came to Isaac Cameron, one of them said respectfully, Mr. isaac”, I am the general manager of Shangri-La Palace in Shudu. My surname is Li and my name is Jeram!

” Business manager, my surname is Wang, and my name is Wang Yimin.”

Since charlie became the head of the wade family, Isaac Cameron has been the person in charge of Shangri-La Palace around the world, and the direct leader of Shangri-La Palace in various places. Although the general manager of Shangri-La Palace in Sichuan has never met charlie, but But he knew that Isaac Cameron was his immediate boss, so he was naturally extremely respectful.

Isaac Cameron nodded slightly, glanced at charlie, and saw charlie shaking his head slightly, so he knew that charlie didn’t want to reveal his identity, so he asked Jeram, “Manager Jeram, show us the store we bought first.”

Jeram pointed at the door behind him and closed his eyes . Locked shop, and introduced, “Mr. isaac, this is the shop we bought today. I inquired about it. It used to be a convenience store, and the business was very good. However, because the owner was anxious to cash out, I didn’t renew the lease with them. Now It’s already vacated.”

Isaac Cameron nodded, and said, “Show us.”

Jeram said respectfully, “Mr. isaac please.”

Then, he quickly walked two steps, opened the door of the shop, and at the same time turned on all the lights inside .

Since the shop was vacated a month ago, and the original owner asked someone to clean it up and paint it again in order to sell it at a good price, so it looks really bright and spacious. In this location, whether it is for catering or cooking Retail is a very good choice.

charlie went in and looked around, and was very satisfied with this shop. The monthly rent for such a shop would not be less than 20,000 yuan, even if Mrs. Jiang, mother and son did nothing but rent it out If they go out, the rental income is enough for their mother and son to live.

The old lady Jiang on the side was also very surprised. She thought that the small shop that charlie mentioned was about 20 to 30 square meters. Even if the square meter is even higher, it will cost several million to buy it.

Thinking that charlie would give this shop to herself and her son, Mrs. Jiang couldn’t help feeling a little nervous. In her opinion, this shop was indeed too expensive for her to accept.

At this time, her son hadn’t realized that the store would belong to him and his old mother, but he couldn’t help but sigh, “Mother, this place is really bright!”

charlie nodded and said, “It’s really bright, suitable for a medium-sized supermarket, There are many houses nearby, and it is next to the subway, so the traffic in the future will definitely not be bad. Selling cigarettes and water alone may be a lot of money. If online food delivery is opened again, the business will be even better. If you work hard It should be easy to make a profit of 10,000 yuan a month.”

Mrs. Jiang’s son asked with a smile, “Is this shop yours?”

charlie shook his head, “No.”

After that, he looked at Mrs. Jiang and asked “Grandma, are you still satisfied?”

Mrs. Jiang said nervously, “Grandfather…is…is this too expensive…”

charlie lowered his voice and said with a smile, “If you follow Huichun Dan, or Feng The value ratio of the bone vine is probably even less than one ten-thousandth. To tell you the truth, as long as I am willing to sell it, even if I offer 10,000 sets of shops for a rejuvenation pill, there will be a lot of people You rush to beg me, but to me, the value of Rejuvenation Pill is not as precious as the phoenix bone rattan bracelet you gave me, so you don’t have any pressure in your heart when I give you these things, just treat it as I will make up the price difference for your bracelet. You have such a shop, take good care of it, and it can support three generations. You can take your son to work steadily, and you will be on the right track in less than three months. “


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