The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5422

However, when she just walked out of the airport, a middle-aged woman came up and asked respectfully, “Excuse me, are you Ms. Mia (Liu Manqiong)?

” Asked “Who are you?!”

Seeing that Mia (Liu Manqiong) was a little nervous, the other party quickly explained, “Miss Liu, don’t be nervous. My name is Li Shuxian. I am Mr. Qiu Yingshan Qiu’s housekeeper in Aurous Hill. He asked me to come to the airport to pick you up as a guest at home and have lunch by the way!

” Southeast Asia has always been closely connected. Lau Ka Fai has personal relationships with many wealthy people in Southeast Asia. Qiu Yingshan was a friend of Lau Ka Fai’s father in the past, and later had many business contacts with Lau Ka Fai, so Lau Ka Fai is more like a nephew to Qiu Yingshan.

When Liu Jiahui learned that Mia (Liu Manqiong) was going to Aurous Hill, he wanted to go with him, but was rejected by his daughter. In desperation, he had no choice but to call Qiu Yingshan and ask him to arrange someone to take care of Mia (Liu Manqiong).

Liu Jiahui didn’t know that Qiu Yingshan was in Aurous Hill, but he knew that Qiu Yingshan had always had a property in Aurous Hill, and someone took care of it. He mainly felt sorry for his daughter’s inconvenience in an unfamiliar place, so he thought about asking Qiu Yingshan to help arrange A housekeeper and a driver, at least after my daughter arrives in Aurous Hill and before she leaves Aurous Hill, she doesn’t have to worry about traffic.

But by coincidence, Qiu Yingshan happened to be in Aurous Hill.

Knowing that Liu Jiahui’s daughter was coming, he planned to arrange for sister  to pick up Mia (Liu Manqiong) at the airport and invite Mia (Liu Manqiong) to have a light meal at home.

When Liu Jiahui heard that Qiu Yingshan was in Aurous Hill, he was naturally very happy, so he immediately informed him of his daughter’s flight number.

Even, when he sent Mia (Liu Manqiong) to the airport this morning, he took advantage of Mia (Liu Manqiong) not paying attention when he got off the car, and secretly took a photo of Mia (Liu Manqiong)’s clothes.

sister  also relied on this photo to recognize Mia (Liu Manqiong) wearing sunglasses and a mask at a glance.

But how did Mia (Liu Manqiong) know this.

All she knew was that on Hong Kong Island, children of wealthy families were kidnapped not once or twice, and the most sensational one even shocked the world.

So when she was suddenly recognized in Aurous Hill, and the other party moved out of Qiu Yingshan, her first thought was that there was danger.

Although she knew Qiu Yingshan and met Qiu Yingshan before, she didn’t trust this sister , so she shook her head and said, “I’m sorry, you may have misidentified the person.”

After that, she turned around and went to a crowded place Walk.

sister  quickly caught up with her, and said, “Miss Liu, if you don’t believe me, you can call your father. He was the one who told my husband that you are coming to Aurous Hill.”

“My father?!” Mia (Liu Manqiong) Frowning, at this moment, the phone rang suddenly, she picked it up and saw that it was her father calling.

So, she immediately connected to the phone and asked, “Dad, did you tell other people about my coming to Aurous Hill?

” Grandma is in Aurous Hill. I wanted him to arrange some subordinates to take care of you. I didn’t expect him to say that he is in Aurous Hill. He was so happy to hear that you were going. He said that he must come to your house to sit and sit. Have a casual meal, your grandpa Qiu and your grandpa are eight worship friends, you must not lose face!”


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