The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5429

At this time, Lin Wan’er (Alani) walked over from the main hall with a light gait.

The moment Mia (Liu Manqiong) saw Lin Wan’er (Alani), there was only one thought in Mia (Liu Manqiong)’s mind, “How could there be such a beautiful girl?

In fact, because of her romantic father, she was extremely beautiful at a young age.

Hong Kong Island, and most of the Asian entertainment circles, were my father’s s*x hunting grounds back then. Instead of catching a lot of scandal-rumored female stars in the media reports, which one is not a sinking fish and a wild goose, a closed moon and a shameful flower?

What’s more, Hong Kong Island has always been the fashion and financial center of Asia in the past few decades. In that narrow and cramped city corner, I don’t know how many handsome men and women from all over the world have gathered, so Mia (Liu Manqiong)’s aesthetics has long been Already a little tired, even a little numb.

But even so, when she saw Lin Wan’er (Alani) for the first time, she was still shocked.

Lin Wan’er (Alani)’s beauty was a type she had almost never seen before.

It’s not perfect enough to be impeccable, it’s even perfect beyond imagination.

In other words, let Mia (Liu Manqiong) imagine what she thinks is the most beautiful woman in her mind, and then compare that woman with Lin Wan’er (Alani), there will still be an insurmountable gap with Lin Wan’er (Alani).

When Lin Wan’er (Alani) came to Mia (Liu Manqiong), Mia (Liu Manqiong) was still in shock by her appearance.

Qiu Yingshan on the side said, “Mia, let me introduce you. This is my granddaughter, Lin Xiaowan. She just came from Malaysia and is a freshman majoring in archeology at Aurous Hill University.

” Asked in surprise, “What did you say? Archeology major?”

“Yes.” Qiu Yingshan nodded and said with a smile, “It’s archeology major. My cousin likes traditional Chinese culture, and then I’m interested in those cultural relics and historic sites. So I chose archaeology.”

As he said that, he introduced to Lin Wan’er (Alani), “Xiao Wan, this is the granddaughter Mia (Liu Manqiong) I just told you about. She will go to your school to interview the lecturers in the afternoon.”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) smiled slightly, and stretched out her hand very politely. , smiled and said, “Sister Mia! I will be in the same school as you in the future, and I have to ask you to take care of me!”

Mia (Liu Manqiong) also quickly reached out to shake her hand, and then said seriously, “It is not 100% sure that we can go well. I was admitted to Aurous Hill University, but don’t worry, as long as I am admitted, I will take care of and help as much as I can in the future!”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) nodded, and asked with a smile, “I don’t know what major Sister mia is studying at school?”

Mia (Liu Manqiong) said, ” I am majoring in Chinese language, and I mainly focus on Chinese language and literature and ancient Chinese.”

Lin Waner asked curiously, “I wonder if archeology majors should take Chinese language courses?”

Mia (Liu Manqiong) shook her head, “I’m really not sure about this, because archeology majors are average. It is a category of history, and it stands to reason that there should be a certain amount of Chinese language courses, but the specifics depend on the specific teaching arrangements of each school.”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) said with a smile, “It would be best if there is, and I will go to Take Sister Mia’s course.”

Although Mia (Liu Manqiong) is not good at communication, but facing the smile of a perfect girl like Lin Wan’er (Alani), she suddenly became more cheerful, and said with a pleasant smile, “Okay! If I am hired, when the time comes You must come and support me!”

Seeing that the two met happily, Qiu Yingshan couldn’t help but said with relief, “It’s rare that you two are so speculative, let’s go in and sit down and talk slowly.” The

two readily agreed, and together Everyone immediately moved to the living room.

In the living room, after Mia (Liu Manqiong) and Lin Wan’er (Alani) sat down, Lin Wan’er (Alani) asked her curiously, “Sister Mia, why did you choose to develop in Aurous Hill from Hong Kong Island? There is still a big gap between the international first-tier cities and the inland second-tier cities. “

Mia (Liu Manqiong) smiled slightly, and moved out on the road again. The set of arguments she said to Sister Xian was nothing more than feeling that Hong Kong Island was too fast-paced, with too many people and too little land, and the city’s resources were severely squeezed. The overall feeling was that life in second-tier cities in the Mainland was more comfortable. .


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