The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5443

The sales lady didn’t even look at this kind of house when she saw it for the first time, so she decided to buy it.

What’s more, this is also a house with a price of more than 30 million yuan. Anyone who buys such an expensive house must carefully read the details of the scene and compare and consider it before making a decision.

However, for Mia (Liu Manqiong), she didn’t have much energy to choose and compare houses. Although she hadn’t seen the houses here, she was very satisfied with the location and transportation. In addition, the house area was large enough and the size of the house was also good. There is nothing flawed, so going to see the actual site is to see the details of the decoration.

But Mia (Liu Manqiong) is also very clear that since this is already the best real estate in Aurous Hill, if he doesn’t like this place, he will look down on other places even more. If this is the case, why bother to waste time and make comparisons? Just buy the best one, and you may lose money if you buy it directly, but it is definitely the best choice at present.

The sales lady couldn’t help but said, “Miss, why don’t I take you to see it… After all, it’s worth more than 30 million…”

Sister Xian also said, “Yes, Miss Mia, you’re here! , let’s take a look. If there is anything you want to adjust in terms of layout and details, I will give you a general direction after reading it. If you need to find interior decoration, I can contact you.”

Mia (Liu Manqiong) said, “I like the top floor the most. Sales Said that there is only one set, so I was worried that someone would take the lead…”

Sister Xian smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Ms. Mia, the houses here are not so tight…” The

sales lady herself said, “Yes, Miss, we There are quite a few people looking at the house, but the unit price is indeed too high. To be honest, it’s not that easy to sell. Let’s take a look. It only takes ten or twenty minutes. After you finish it, you are sure there is no problem and you will not regret it If so, we can come back and sign the contract and pay the deposit.”

Mia (Liu Manqiong) shook her head, and said firmly, “Even if it is difficult to sell, this is the only way, even if there is only a 1 chance of being snatched away, it is still risky. “

Speaking, she asked the salesman, “If I make the house now, how much will I have to pay? I can make the house first and then go and see it with you.”

“This…” Seeing her insistence, the salesman quickly said, “If you have the funds right now, then you can lock the house by paying the 1 million intention deposit directly, so that you are 100% sure that no one else can buy this house. “

As she said, she said again, “However, if you lock the house but don’t buy it in the end, we will deduct 10 of the intent deposit. Can you accept this?”

“No problem.” Mia (Liu Manqiong) said without thinking, “Just swipe the card now The

salesman was overjoyed, and quickly pointed to the VIP room and said, “Miss, please come this way!”

Mia (Liu Manqiong) followed the salesman to the VIP room, and as soon as the door closed, a middle-aged man wearing a mask walked in. Another salesman stepped forward immediately and said respectfully, “Hello, sir, do you

want to see the house?”

Can you move in immediately with your bags? The bigger the house, the better!”

The salesman was surprised when he heard this, and couldn’t help thinking to himself, “Could it be that some kind of wind brought the God of Wealth here today? Why is it like this? What about customers who are not short of money?”

Thinking in her heart, she said very politely, “Hello, sir, the main products here are villas and flat houses, and all the houses are designed by famous Italian designers. The decoration materials are also imported from Italy, all household appliances are also imported from Germany, and the furniture is imported from France and Italy, and the brands used are all top-tier brands, so you can basically move in with your bags.”

Zhong The middle-aged man asked again, “Can the Japanese buy it? Do you have any purchase restriction policy?”


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