The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5444

The middle-aged man who spoke was Ito Yuhiko’s loyal servant, Koichi Tanaka.

He was ordered by Ito Nanako to come to Aurous Hill ahead of schedule, just to buy a house in Aurous Hill for Nanako first.

However, in the past few days, he has visited a lot of villa areas, and he has also seen a lot of villas for sale. The hardware of the villas is far from what Nanako wants.

For Nanako, she likes the deep houses of the ancient Japanese nobles. Although Japan has a small area and many people, the deep houses of the Japanese nobles are surprisingly large.

However, that kind of house is rare in modern China, and there are some protected palaces in Eastcliff, which are really hard to find in Aurous Hill.

Moreover, even if such a large house can be found, most of these houses are in disrepair, and some super-large villas are decorated in an exaggerated European style. This kind of resplendent decoration is simply neither fish nor fowl, I wish all the details were used to highlight one core, that is, I am rich!

Therefore, Hiroshi Tanaka looked around, but couldn’t find a house that could satisfy Nanako.

However, today is already August 4th.

There is only one day left until Nanako arrives in Aurous Hill tomorrow. If she can’t find a suitable house, after Nanako and Ito Yuhiko arrive, they will have to stay in a hotel.

If that was the case, Koichi Tanaka would have done nothing in the past few days when he came in advance.

charlie is his last hope. Although he knows that charlie lives in this community, his own lady doesn’t want to live too close to him, but right now there is really no other good choice.

The salesman replied at this time, “For foreigners to buy, they need a proof of residence in China for one year, but if the company buys, there is no such restriction.”

Hiroshi Tanaka nodded and said to the salesman, “Then show me the villa!” I want the largest unit size!” The

salesman said apologetically, “I’m sorry sir, all our villas are sold out now, and the only ones left are flat-level units.”

“Sold out?!” Koichi Tanaka asked annoyed Said, “Is there any extra set? Or do you have any owners who are reselling them now?”

The salesman explained, “There is really no sir. There are still a lot of customers who want to buy our villas, but none of our owners is currently interested in changing hands. If you are willing to wait, you can wait. I’ll let you know at once.”

Tanaka Hao thought for a while, and said, “Forget it, I can’t wait so long, you’d better introduce me to your largest flat-floor apartment!” The

salesman nodded, pointing to the building in Linjiang , and said to Koichi Tanaka, “Sir, this is our king of buildings. It has a nice view of the river and the largest apartment size.” Koichi Tanaka knew that his lady likes to be quiet, so he asked without hesitation, “Is there any room on the top floor


After being taken aback for a moment, he thought to himself, this house has actually been vacated a long time ago, and no one cares about it after being vacant for so long, why is it suddenly so popular now?

However, when she thought that some customers had already paid the intention money just now, she could only say regretfully, “I’m sorry sir, the last set of top floors has already had customers pay the intention money just now.”

Tanaka Haoyi said without hesitation, “She just paid I have paid the intent deposit, so I can pay the full amount now, right?” The

salesman said helplessly, “No sir, she has the right to buy first after paying the intent deposit. If you want to buy it, it depends on whether she wants it in the end…”


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