The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5454

Li Yueqin also echoed, “Yes! Tell me! Otherwise, I will call you!” I’ll k*ll you!”

Elaine was so frightened that her first thought was to run away.

But when he thought that he was still limping on one leg, he couldn’t outrun the three of them no matter what.

But if I yelled at my son-in-law for help now, I might startle souna, who was broadcasting live upstairs first.

If souna knew that she was sneaking around the villa here, she might be able to guess her intentions. If she started to be wary of herself, wouldn’t she have a chance to bring her down?

At this time, Elaine’s brain was running fast, and her eyeballs were also twitching non-stop. Seeing her mischievous eyes, Zhang Guifen didn’t make a sound for a long time, and immediately stepped forward and grabbed her by the collar, raised her hand and gave her a big mouth, angrily

said, “I’m so annoyed when I see you, get out!”

A slap in the face made me feel angry and scared, but when I saw that all three of them were wearing identical T-shirts with the logo of the same cleaning company printed on their chests, and they all looked tired, I had an idea , ignoring the burning pain on his face, he said, “Gui Fen, Gui Fen, listen to me, you were kind to her, Mrs. Wilson, but now Mrs. Willson’s family has become rich overnight, and you just leak it from your mouth.” It’s enough for the three of you to live comfortably, but they still let the three of you go out to clean, I, Elaine, really can’t see

it, Guifen!” Zhang Guifen was stunned when he heard this.

It has to be said that Elaine’s words happened to hit her heart.

Back then, when the three of them were released from prison together, they were taken all the way to this top villa in Aurous Hill by the Wu family luxury car. The three of them thought in their hearts that it was the old lady Wilson who did it, and they were extremely grateful to the old lady Wilson.

But who would have thought that when Mrs. Wilson saw them,They were so disgusted that they even spoke harsh words at each other, and they were about to kick the three of them out of the house immediately.

At that moment, Zhang Guifen felt very uncomfortable.

Then, when she learned that the house was not owned by the Willson family, and that the three of them could also live here, she stopped being polite to the Willson family.

Living together for a long time, the Willson family has always been dominated by them. Not only are they not eating as well as they are living, but even seeing the three of them at home must be submissive, for fear of being beaten.

And although the three of them have no great skills, they are doing cleaning work professionally outside, and their quality of life is guaranteed.

On the other hand, the Willson family is not as lucky as they are. Christopher and Harold are two useless people who can’t afford to eat in bed, not to mention taking medicine, and the old lady is often so hungry that her chest is on her back.

Later, Wendy went out to be a hostess lady, and she was often deceived by others. The meager salary she earned was not enough for the family.

However, from a certain day, Wendy suddenly made more money, and the family’s living standard also rose rapidly visible to the naked eye, leaving the three of them behind very quickly.

If this is the case, there is not much difference between Zhang Guifen and the three of them. The key is that the Willson family has become richer and richer for some reason these days, especially that souna who bought a Mercedes-Benz worth two or three million. The car immediately made Zhang Guifen and the others envious.

Now listening to Elaine’s provocation, Zhang Guifen felt even more unbalanced. She couldn’t figure out why the Willson family could get up again even after they were so down and down, and so high!

Thinking of this, Zhang Guifen became even more depressed, and her back molars were clenching.

Elaine accurately captured her changes, and immediately knew that what he said hit the pain in her heart.

So, she immediately lowered her voice and said very seriously, “Let me tell you, Gui Fen, the reason why the Willson family can turn around is because of that old lady Wilson who is shameless, stinky and shameless, who was out with wild men last year.” The eldest daughter-in-law who is pregnant with a child, souna!!


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