The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5455


Zhang Guifen immediately frowned like Zhang Fei when she heard this, and asked sharply, “With her broken shoes, why can she still turn over?! Could it be that she is relying on her appearance to sleep with others?!”

Elaine sarcastically said, “Tell her lust? Just her? She’s the kind of person who sells her lust at most for two buns!” After finishing speaking,

Elaine looked around, then looked upstairs, and said quickly, ” Guifen, this is not a place to talk, let’s talk over there, don’t let the Willson family upstairs hear!”

Zhang Guifen immediately winked at her two good sisters, Dong Yuling understood, and immediately stepped forward to join her Supporting Elaine, she quickly walked to the far wall.

Seeing that there is no need to worry about being heard by the Willson family here, Elaine stopped them and said, “Three three, let’s talk here!”

Hearing Elaine’s words, Zhang Guifen stopped first, and the other two followed suit. stopped.

Then Zhang Guifen asked Elaine, “Elaine, tell me, how did souna’s broken shoe turn around?

” Live streaming on the short video platform! Tens of thousands of unscrupulous viewers follow her to buy, buy, buy, buy, buy whatever she pushes, and the money goes into souna’s f*cking pocket! You can earn tens of millions a year!”

“What?!” Zhang Guifen immediately scolded furiously, “Just that unruly shoe can earn tens of millions a year?! Is God blind or wronged? !”

Elaine looked like I know you the most, she patted her legs and said, “Gui Fen! To tell you the truth, our sister and son really want to go together! You say that bitch souna, fifty At the age of 10, she can still have a big belly with wild men outside, and infect her husband with sexually transmitted diseases. For a person like her, Xia Tianlei should be the first to kill her. Why can she earn so much money? Do you think so? ?!”

Zhang Guifen said without hesitation, “That’s right! I, Zhang Guifen, have two types of ruthless people in my life, one is a bastard who doesn’t obey her parents, and the other is a bitch who doesn’t obey women’s morals!”

As she said that, Zhang Guifen asked her again, “You haven’t said yet, how did souna get rich?”

Elaine asked her with a familiar face, “Guifen, do you usually watch live broadcasts? A live broadcast that sells goods!”

Zhang Guifen shook her head, and said self-deprecatingly, “We work at the owner’s house all day long, and we rarely touch our mobile phones, so we don’t have time to watch live broadcasts. Besides, even if we watch, we don’t have the money to buy them. Ma

Lan said, “Guifen, give me your phone, and I’ll find souna’s live broadcast room for you. I’m sure you’ll be even angrier after watching it!”

Zhang Guifen took out an Android phone worth a few hundred yuan from his pocket, After unlocking it, handed it to Elaine.

Elaine immediately opened the short video software and searched for souna’s live broadcast room.

At this time, souna was sitting on the head of the bed, and while feeding Christopher, she said with snot and tears, “My family, Yanzi will tell you that since my husband became paralyzed, he has been unable to eat anything. Nutritious things, that person is starved and disfigured on the bed, and his skinny appearance makes people feel distressed…” As she

spoke, she handed the bowl in her hand to the camera, and introduced, “Thanks to this nutrition company The rice cereal company knew about my family’s difficulties and sent us a batch of nutritious rice cereal. My husband has recovered a lot since he ate this rice cereal.”


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