The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5456

Christopher opened his mouth cooperatively and shouted, She even raised her neck desperately trying to open her mouth to reach the rice spoon in her hand.

souna quickly fed a spoonful into his mouth, and continued, “This nutritious rice cereal has five flavors, and it can be eaten with just a splash of boiling water, and it contains all kinds of nutrients needed by the human body. Adults eat it every day. Drinking three sachets is enough nutrition for a day, and their raw materials are all green and organic, and they also specially add various vitamins, amino acids, and DHA needed by the human body. There are 12 sachets in a box, and the normal market sells for 108 , Now in Yanzi’s live broadcast room, the benefits Yanzi has won for her family are two boxes for 99 yuan, a total of 24 packs, and a box of 6 packs for travel, that is, 99 yuan can buy 30 packs, which is very cost-effective !”

As she said that, souna continued, “Because the price is too cheap, the manufacturer is unwilling to give too much inventory. Yanzi has only 20,000 orders here, and there will be no more orders after buying, family members, so please hurry up if you need it.” Time, come, let’s get in the car now!”

Zhang Guifen looked at the tattered souna in the video, as well as the tattered room and furniture, and said in surprise, “This… this is too fucking fake, isn’t it? Their room was so luxurious before, how did it become like this?”

“It was intentional!” Elaine said without thinking, “This bitch, now she is saying that she is supporting a paralyzed husband and a paralyzed husband by live broadcasting alone. A son who was paralyzed in bed, and an 80-year-old mother-in-law, told herself that she was a fucking miserable person, and then the audience believed it, and tried their best to buy things in her live broadcast room, trying to help her tide over the difficulties, But these idiots don’t know that people can earn tens of thousands a day by live broadcasting!”

Zhang Guifen clenched her fists and said through gritted teeth, “It’s really shameless! She has hands and feet, and she has no money to be like us, relying on hard work and patienceWork hard to make money! But she actually engaged in such deceptive activities on the Internet, this kind of person should be pulled out and shot! “

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! ” Elaine seemed to have found a bosom friend, and even echoed, “Shooting her is cheap, if I say she has to be executed!”

Zhang Guifen asked in surprise, “What is a dog fight? ” Elaine said, “

Just let the dog kill her! ” Then let the dog eat her and turn her into shit! “

Zhang Guifen’s expression froze, and she didn’t expect Elaine to be much more ruthless than herself.

Seeing that her emotions were in place, Elaine hurriedly approached and said, “Guifen, let me tell you, I have a good idea now, as long as this plan is carried out If it is in place, it will definitely ruin souna’s reputation and bring their family back to their original shape! “

As she spoke, she looked at her lame leg and sighed, “Hey! It’s a pity that my leg was broken by Mrs. wilson and that Wendy when I was in prison, and the root cause of the disease has fallen. It is not very smooth until now. With my current situation, I am afraid that I will not be able to carry out this plan… …”

Zhang Guifen immediately blurted out, “What plan do you say! Don’t you have bad legs and feet, the three of us will help you execute it! The four of us join forces to deal with souna’s broken shoe! 

Elaine waited for this sentence, so she asked in surprise, “Gui Fen, is what you said true?” ! Do you really want to help me? ! “

Zhang Guifen said coldly, “I’ve seen the old lady Willson’s family upset for a long time! The enemy of the enemy is a friend, so we are also comrades-in-arms!

Elaine immediately said excitedly, “That would be great! ” With the three of you joining in this plan, we will join forces, and we will definitely be able to complete it smoothly. By then, we will guarantee that souna will return to the pre-liberation overnight!

Zhang Guifen said without hesitation, “No problem! ” Just say it! “


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