The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5458

Thinking that she was completely deceived and used by that old woman in prison back then, she felt even more annoyed, so she naturally regarded Elaine as her ally.

So, she took out her mobile phone and said to Elaine, “Come to Elaine, let’s add wechat friends .

You can also add Elaine as a friend, and it will be easier to communicate about anything in the future.”

Elaine said without thinking, “Then this is really great, I will create a group right away, and bring the four of us into it. If there is any trouble, we will exchange information in the group.”

Soon, with the birth of a WeChat group called “Eliminate souna, Eliminate Harms for the Society”, the four immediately began to split up.

Elaine returned home on crutches, while Zhang Guifen and the others immediately walked to their villa.

Coming downstairs of the villa, Zhang Guifen looked up at the room on the second floor, and said to the other two in a low voice, “They really closed the windows and doors. What was filmed outside, but the sound insulation of our windows is very good. Even if I can capture something, I probably can’t record it. You go to the door of their room, plug in the earphones of your mobile phone, put the microphone under the crack of the door, and go Record their voices inside, and send them to Elaine later, and she said that she would use her mobile phone to mix the images and sounds together.”

“Okay, Miss Guifen!” The

two agreed in unison, and then hurriedly started took action.

At this time, in the bedroom on the second floor, souna was still broadcasting live.

She has prepared ten products tonight, and she has reached the last one now.

Since today is not the weekend, the traffic is not too big, so souna also plans to download the broadcast early and take a break. Don’t look at her live broadcast for only two or three hours a day, but these two or three hours are almost non-stop talking, nerves and attention. The strength has to be tense all the time, don’t make mistakes, don’t show flaws, so after a live broadcast, people are still very tired, so she also looks forward to finishing the speech and going to the broadcast to rest.

At this time, she didn’t know that Zhang Guifen, who was in good health, had already jumped from the balcony on the third floor.Climbed down and came to the balcony of the room on the second floor.

Although the curtains in the bedroom on the second floor were tightly drawn, there was an inverted V-shaped gap in the middle of the sliding door’s sheer curtain.

For the mobile phone camera, as long as it is close enough, even if there is only a finger-thick hole, it is enough to capture the whole picture inside.

A few minutes later, souna finally finished broadcasting the last product, and when the family members in the live broadcast room snatched up all the stocks, she said devoutly, “Thanks to all the family members for supporting Yanzi tonight. , Yanzi can support her paralyzed husband and son, and her eighty-year-old mother-in-law, thanks to the help of her family, Yanzi is here, thank you for your help, thank you!”

Christopher, who was paralyzed in bed, was also vague Said indistinctly, “Thank… Thank you all…”

Harold choked up on the other bed and said, “Thank you for your help. When I recover, I will definitely bow and kowtow to everyone in the live broadcast room!


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