The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5462

Old lady Wilson quickly waved her hands and said, “I can’t… …souna…how could mom steal your stuff…Besides, the bird’s nest is so expensive, and I, a poor old woman, don’t deserve it…”

souna snorted coldly, ignored her, and looked at Christopher said, “I want to tell you something. I looked at the more detailed data of the live broadcast room. Our current normal number of viewers, as well as the highest number of online people in the live broadcast room, the number of transactions and the transaction value, compared with yesterday, has already It has begun to show a downward trend, although the decline is not much, only two or three percentage points, but this is still a very serious trend, once it starts to go downhill, it will be very difficult to go up again!”

Harold was busy Ask, “Mom, fluctuations of two or three percentage points should be normal, right?

” It is necessary to ensure that the data has been rising steadily. Once the data starts to decline, it is definitely a very dangerous signal. If it falls by two or three percentage points every day, it will not take long before we will be beaten back to the original shape, so we We must find a way to make our data rise again and continue to rise.”

Christopher asked, “Honey, do you have any good ideas?”

souna said coldly, “I’ve been thinking about it for the past two days. You guys, just seeing the two of you paralyzed in bed may already be a bit tired of watching, I plan to change the script a little bit starting tomorrow.”

Christopher asked quickly, “Honey, what script do you want to change?”

souna said lightly, “I checked it online, and it seems that pancreatic cancer has the highest death rate right now. I checked some early symptoms of pancreatic cancer online, and the most notable features are weight loss and jaundice. Control your diet, you should strive to lose a dozen or twenty catties in a short period of time, and then I will find some foundation to paint you a sallow and thinner face, and then all you have to do is to behave more and more in front of the camera Weakness, when the time comes, those culprits in the live broadcast room will definitely find out that something is wrong with you. Since I asked you to check it out, I will stop the broadcast for a day or two, and then forge a medical record of your diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. It will be even worse.”

Christopher was so frightened that he trembled all over, and blurted out, “My wife…you let me pretend that I have pancreatic cancer, isn’t it a bit unlucky…”

Saying that, Christopher submissively said, ” Wife, look… I’m not a feudal superstition, the key is to go on a diet to lose weight, my body is already recovering, if you don’t let me eat enough, when will I recover…”

souna disgusted She frowned and asked, “Do you think it’s your turn to express your opinion on this matter? I’m just notifying you!”

After finishing speaking, she looked at Mrs. Willson and said coldly, “Starting tomorrow, cut his meal in half!”

” Okay, okay… Don’t worry, souna, I will definitely do it!” Mrs. Willson could only nod her head in agreement at this time.

Christopher’s face turned pale immediately, he knew very well in his heart that he was still in the recovery period, and he couldn’t eat by himself at all, and had to rely on his elderly mother to feed him mouthful by spoonful, if the old mother stuck him directly from the source There is nothing I can do about my appetite.


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