The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5464

After Zhang Guifen returned to the room and met the two sisters, she saw the righteous indignation and indignation on their faces.

She quickly asked, “Are you ready to record all the recordings? Don’t let me lose the chain at this time!”

Samantha said angrily, “Sister Guifen, this family surnamed Wilson is too f*cking useless, you You may not be able to hear what they said outside the balcony, souna and that dead old woman are about to call us stinky shit!” “

Yes!” Yadira also said very angrily, “The key is that souna It’s not a thing, don’t talk about scolding the three of us, even those who spent money on them in the live broadcast room were scolded by her as big injustices, how bad do you think this stinky bitch is?”

Samantha also echoed, “This stinky shameless person, souna is now thinking about other deceptions. She asked her husband and her son to pretend to have advanced pancreatic cancer, and the other to pretend to have uremia, and even gave the other to die. The old woman arranged a script, let her cry slowly and blind her eyes, this is simply a beast!”

Zhang Guifen heard this, and said angrily, “Let me listen to your recording!”

Samantha immediately Handing her her mobile phone, Zhang Guifen pressed the play button, and listened to the conversation of souna’s family in the room just now from beginning to end.

Since it was Elaine’s idea to let them stuff the earphones and microphones into the crack of the door, the effect of their recording is very clear.

Zhang Guifen listened to the entire conversation verbatim, and her veins were so angry that she wished she could rush downstairs, kick the door open, and drag the Willson family out one by one. Beat up.

However, she quickly realized that the most important thing now is not to beat up these people, but to quickly send all these materials to Elaine, and let Elaine find a way to get souna’s family online. Give exposure.

So, she quickly sent the video she took, as well as the audio recorded by Samantha and the others, to Elaine’s group.

At this time, Elaine was lying on the bed, tossing and turning, waiting.

She changed to a new short video account and has been watching her live broadcast in souna’s live broadcast room.

Seeing that the live broadcast was over, she began to look forward to Zhang Guifen and the others being able to capture the real faces of souna’s family behind the scenes, and then quickly send the evidence.

Just when she was burning with anxiety, both video and audio files were sent to the group.

Elaine sat up from the bed in a jerk, and immediately turned on the audio to listen to the conversation.

It didn’t matter what he heard, Elaine was both angry and happy when he heard it.

What makes her angry is that souna is really capable. She understands the principles of live broadcasting, selling goods, and setting up people. She can even analyze data. She really has two brushes.

The good news is, with these conversation recordings, how can souna’s family not fail?

Thinking of this, she immediately downloaded both the video and audio to her mobile phone, and then opened the video editing software.

If we go back five or six years, how could an old lady like Elaine learn the technique of video editing.

However, thanks to the rapid development and growth of the short video platform in recent years, the threshold for short video entry has been reduced to an extreme value, and many entrepreneurs have developed a lot of fool-like operating software for the short video platform, making video editing a professional experience. The technology has become extremely simple, even the elderly and children can play with ease.

Elaine used to edit small selfie videos, so she is very familiar with the operation of this software.


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