The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5465

She skillfully opened the software, added the video, then canceled the original sound of the video, and pulled in the audio again.

Next, there is only one slightly laborious process left, which is to match the audio and video time tracks so that the audio and video can be synchronized.

Fortunately, the video file and the audio file are a whole, so Elaine only needs to find one of the clips that is easier to recognize the mouth shape, and then echo the corresponding audio of this clip, then the entire video and audio will be completely matched.

Soon, Elaine found a very convenient lip-sync clip, and synchronized the audio and video 100% completely. Then she previewed the entire video, and after confirming that there were no problems, she exported the video.

After the video was exported, Elaine grinned happily while reviewing it again.

She couldn’t help sighing in her mouth, “Oh, souna, souna, I really underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to earn hundreds of thousands a day. If you do this, you still can’t earn a small goal in a year? No Come to think of it, you stinky bitch really have two skills, and this live broadcast will make you understand it!”

She said with a chuckle, shaking her head and saying, “It’s a pity, you never dreamed that your tricks could fall into place!” Is it in the hands of your grandma ? With this video, do you still want to be a billionaire? As long as your grandma  releases this video, I don’t think you can eat as much shit as you eat!” After speaking, Elaine opened

the Own short video software.

Later, she changed her nickname to Elaine, a counterfeit fighter!

The profile was changed to “A righteous person who is active in the society. He can’t rub the sand in his eyes. He vowed to expose all the liars! After changing it,

she immediately uploaded the video. The title of the video is Internet celebrity souna made up stories and sold them miserably, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a day by live streaming!

After the video was sent out, Elaine couldn’t help muttering, “Shouldn’t the video be sent out, and no one will watch it like the previous live broadcast? Although this revelation is very powerful, wouldn’t it be over if no one read it? “

Thinking of this, Elaine couldn’t help gritting her teeth, “No way! I have to give him some promotion money! And I have to vote a little more, another two thousand! After making up his mind

, Elaine immediately clicked the promotion button and created a promotion plan for this video. The

total amount of the promotion plan was 2,000 yuan, all of which were spent onIn terms of increasing the number of clicks, after the creation was completed, she immediately clicked to pay, and found that the actual payment amount was 1995 yuan. Just wondering, she saw a coupon deduction information at the bottom, and then realized that the last time the customer service gave her A coupon for five dollars.

Elaine couldn’t help but scolded the customer service again in her heart before completing the payment. Immediately afterwards, she found that her promotion plan was running very fast, and the advertising fee of 2,000 yuan was consumed by 300 yuan in the blink of an eye. many!

And the number of views of this video is also growing rapidly.

In less than two minutes, Elaine’s 2,000 yuan advertisements had all gone. She was stunned and couldn’t help cursing inwardly, “This is f*cking money. The 2,000 yuan is gone in the blink of an eye.” ?!”

But what she didn’t know was that the faster the promotion expenses were spent, the higher her ad exposure would be.

Moreover, the push and volume logic of the short video platform are based on algorithms. If a video has a high click-through rate and a high completion rate, the algorithm will list this video as high-quality content, and high-quality content It is possible to continuously obtain more traffic. As long as the conversion performance of this video does not decrease, the system will continuously divert it.

Sometimes an Internet celebrity with tens of millions of fans sends out a video, and there are only tens of thousands of likes, but there are often some videos that only have tens of thousands of fans, but the number of likes can exceed one million, becoming the most popular video in the world. It is an Internet hit, because the quality of this video itself is extremely high, and the data performance is excellent. The platform even actively pushed this video to tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of users.

As for Elaine’s video, the click-through rate and completion rate are outrageously high!

Therefore, the number of viewers of this video quickly reached hundreds of thousands, followed by waves of likes, favorites, and comments!

Soon, Elaine was stunned by the countless tweets. She found that the number of likes and thousands of comments on her video just now quickly exceeded 10,000. Speed ​​surge!


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