The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5467

On the way here, she had already called the hotel housekeeper and asked her to prepare bath water for herself, as well as imported bath salts and many fresh rose petals.

So, as soon as she arrived at the hotel, she quickly took off her clothes and soaked in the comfortable jacuzzi.

After she took a bath, she made an appointment for an essential oil massage at the hotel. She lay on the bed, closed her eyes and enjoyed the massage until she fell asleep, and then fell asleep with a full body of essential oil. For souna, it had become Her best way to relieve fatigue.

As a big customer of the hotel, he and she don’t care what happens when the quilt and bed sheets get dirty, because no matter how messy she makes the room, if she returns tomorrow after leaving, the place will be tidy and spotless.

This is also an important reason why souna especially likes staying in hotels recently.

At this time, souna was lying in the bathtub with her eyes closed, and her mobile phone was placed on the stone platform next to the bathtub.

Because she is already quite an internet celebrity, countless users of the short video platform send her private messages, comments and likes every day, so she has already turned off the push function of the short video platform.

So even though there were already tens of thousands of people attacking and insulting her in various ways, she was still kept in the dark.

At this moment, Christopher and Harold, who were paralyzed in bed, had no chance to surf the Internet because they couldn’t hold the mobile phone with both hands, and the old lady wilson went to bed early because she was really tired from serving the two of them. Wendy was still working overtime at the company for meetings, so no one told souna about the Internet.

And Elaine’s video is still fermenting.

At this time, Elaine couldn’t close her mouth in excitement seeing the countless views and the number of likes and comments.

But the only regret is that although his video playback volume has reached several million, his fans have not increased much, only a few thousand people.

After another ten minutes, the incident became more fermented. Elaine’s video had exceeded 10 million views, and many news software also began to urgently issue news feeds in response to this matter.

All of a sudden, multiple articles were pushed out one after another.

“Internet celebrities sell miserable live broadcasts, earn hundreds of thousands a day”, “Use other people’s sympathy to earn hundreds of thousands a day, don’t let the public feel cold! “, “Live broadcasts with goods are frequently chaotic, and another Internet celebrity overturns! “……

souna heard the phone popping up notifications suddenly, so she opened her eyes and took the phone over.

She glanced at the screen full of notifications, and knew that another Internet celebrity had overturned.

However, she didn’t realize that the person who overturned the car was herself. Instead, she gloated and said to herself, “I don’t know which unlucky guy has been exposed again. If I’m as cautious as I am, I won’t be able to do it within a year.” Those who may be exposed, so what if they are exposed after a year? Anyway, if you earn enough money, then you can just take your passport and fly to a country where no one knows you, and enjoy a good life, won’t everyone be happy?” He said

, She couldn’t help sneering, and muttered in her heart, “When my live broadcast is stable for another two months, I will seize the time to open an Internet celebrity brokerage company, cultivate more anchors like me, and use my account to guide them. They grow up to make money for me. In this way, my ability to absorb money will be much stronger than it is now. If I can earn one billion, I will immigrate to Europe or the United States immediately. No one will take it with me! One billion is definitely enough for me to spend my life in a lavish and unrestrained way!”

Speaking of this, souna had already begun to imagine that she held hundreds of millions of wealth in her hands, spending money abroad like water, and being drunk with money life.

At this time, she clicked on one of the tweets, wanting to see who was so unlucky to be exposed on the Internet on such a large scale.

And the push she clicked on, after opening it, first played the video uploaded by Elaine.

Before she could recognize what the sneak shot was, her own voice came from the speaker, “Damn, this hood is too f*cking hot!”


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  1. Elaine is doing ok for her revenge on Souna. If only the 2 sisters in law can combine their strength rather than getting at each other, it will be great for the Wilson family.
    More chapters please and thank you.

  2. I simply want to get relief of this backlogs and wish to approach to the main events.
    But respected author has something different in his mind.

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