The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5473

After finishing speaking, Christopher resentfully said, “That’s fine, the key thing happened in the hospital at the time, and everyone knew about it, so I have no place to put my face!

” Lan, that bastard, hangs dozens of green hats on her balcony, this f*cking purposely disgusts me, you say that I have lost all face, how can I give your mother good face?” Harold sighed, “

Hey …Father, let me be fair. If you want to talk about this matter, I don’t think you can blame Mom entirely. If you two didn’t join forces to cheat Elaine, charlie wouldn’t have sent Mom to the black coal mine. You should have both been sent to the black coal mine, but you hid behind and let Mom face charlie alone. Didn’t Mom suffer for you? After Mom paid so much for you, you still despise her, she Can I not be angry with you?”

Then, Harold said depressedly, “I didn’t want to understand this truth earlier, if I had figured it out earlier, I would never treat my mother coldly like you guys.” 

Christopher Angrily scolded, “Harold, I know, you just want to catch up with your mother because you want to curry favor with her.”

Harold hurriedly said seriously, “I’m not! I’m just a helper, not a relative!”

” Come on!” Christopher snorted coldly, “I don’t know you yet? You have always been a mother if you have milk! Don’t talk about your mother, even if Elaine has money to spend for you, you can still call her mother !”

Harold said angrily, “Dad, what you said is insulting! I am very objective, these thingsNo wonder Mom, you have to reflect on the problem from yourself! “

“Go to your uncle! ” “Christopher said angrily, “You are just a f*cking white-eyed wolf!” “

Harold quickly said, “Dad, this is completely a matter of mentality. If you look at the problem objectively, you must have the same idea as me. “

“Same as your uncle! ” “Christopher said contemptuously, “I know exactly what kind of bastard you are! “

“Oh, Dad…”

“Don’t call me Dad, get out of here!” “

Harold was also a little angry, and said sullenly, “You are really stubborn! It doesn’t matter if you yell at me now, but if you don’t have a correct attitude in the future, you will definitely not spend the money your mother earns in the future! “

Speaking, Harold said again, “Don’t forget, my mother also said today that your script is to get pancreatic cancer, how fast pancreatic cancer is, and people will be gone in a month, that is to say, from now on, In a month or two at most, you won’t be needed in Mom’s live broadcast room, and if you still don’t satisfy Mom by then, then you will suffer! “

When Christopher heard this, he was a little flustered.

souna said bad words to him and even fought him. He was naturally very upset, but when he thought that souna was making money like running water now, he couldn’t help thinking about what Harold said just now. If souna really doesn’t want to let herself spend her money, wouldn’t the humiliation be in vain? Moreover, souna will not be able to use her soon, and if she kicks herself f*ck, it would be even worse!

Thinking of this, he also made up his mind, thinking to himself, “It seems that I still have to get along with souna in the future. As for the dignity of a man, this is the time, so let it go.” What about the f*ck…”

As soon as the words in my heart fell, there was a knock on the door, and someone outside asked, “Is it Christopher, Harold’s family? “


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