The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5477


said The man said in horror, “Will the sentence be ten years?”

The police officer said indifferently, “Once it is determined as a crime of fraud, the amount involved in your case is already extremely huge. The starting sentence is ten years, and all illegal gains will be confiscated. If your amount increases again during this period, It will definitely be sentenced to more than ten years or even longer.”

souna was stunned, she didn’t expect that just selling miserably in the live broadcast would have such serious consequences, and even touch the criminal law.

However, even though Elaine indirectly helped souna rein in the precipice, souna could not forgive her at all. She still secretly vowed in her heart that after she got out, she must find a way to take revenge on Elaine.

at the same time.

souna’s video is still fermenting on the Internet.

More and more people who bought things in souna’s live broadcast room were filled with righteous indignation when they saw the video exposing souna.

They originally placed an order to buy goods in souna’s live broadcast room out of sympathy, and the poor quality of the goods had long made them very dissatisfied, but out of sympathy for souna, they had never Ask for a return.

But now, when theyThey were also very dissatisfied when they saw souna’s video, souna’s ugly face, and even when she saw souna treating her parents as wronged.

As a result, many people began to find the official, hoping to return the things they bought from souna’s live broadcast room, and also hoped that the platform would impose heavy fines on souna.

The operation team of the short video platform held an emergency meeting at Eastcliff headquarters.

During the meeting, the executives agreed that the platform must give consumers a satisfactory answer as soon as possible, not only to effectively appease their anger, but also to severely punish souna’s behavior so that other anchors can learn from it. Never make the same mistake again.

Therefore, the group’s chief lawyer made a suggestion. He felt that the platform should pay these consumers in advance, and return all the orders purchased in souna’s live broadcast room in full.

The total turnover of souna’s live broadcast room is about 60 million yuan, which is just a drop in the bucket for the platform.

In addition, the platform has to recover from souna and those merchants who asked souna to bring the goods after the first payment, and ask them to bear this part of the cost. If they refuse to bear it, they will be punished. If they sue, once they win the case, they must make compensation. If they still refuse, the platform can also apply to the court for enforcement.

In this way, souna must pay out all the income from her live streaming. If she refuses to pay, she will be punished by law. This will also greatly deter other live streaming anchors!

souna, who had just been sent to the detention center, was still grateful that she could keep at least half of her income after going out to pay taxes.

But what she didn’t know was that every penny she earned would be refunded back!


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