The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5483


?! “Harold suddenly said in horror, “Mom has worked so hard for so long, can’t even keep the car?!

” I bought it.”

With souna detained, Christopher and Harold sent to the hospital, souna’s dream of getting rich was officially broken.

The next day, August 5th.

Nanako Ito, her father and aunt took the private jet of the Ito family and flew to Aurous Hill in the morning.

Arriving at Aurous Hill at random, there are maids carefully selected by Ito Nanako from home, as well as a large number of high-end flowers purchased from all over Japan.

In the field of agriculture, the Americans are good at genetic modification, while the Japanese are good at breeding, and Japan is more proficient in high-end categories. Many high-end fruits that can be named are all cultivated in Japan, from the Fuji apples in the early years to the current sunny apples. Wang grapes, red-faced strawberries, and spring tangerines, the island country really has a set in this regard.

And the flowers Nanako Ito brought from Japan are also the top varieties carefully cultivated in the local area, which are not only plump and beautiful, but also very fresh.

Since Koichi Tanaka arrived in Aurous Hill a few days ahead of Ito’s family, a team was specially arranged to pick him up today.

When the Ito family left the airport by car, the flowers that arrived at random were also transported away by multiple refrigerated trucks prepared in advance.

Although charlie was the only thing in her heart, Nanako Ito chose the Shangri-La Hotel as her first stop.

However, Ito Yuhiko did not go to Shangri-La, but was taken by Hiroshi Tanaka to Tomson Yipin. Before the wedding, Ito Yuhiko did not plan to go to Shangri-La, because he is also a well-known figure in Japan after all, and he is worried that he will be exposed by too many people. The secret to regenerating your legs.

When Nanako Ito’s convoy arrived at Shangri-La, Isaac Cameron got the news.

Knowing that she was coming, Isaac Cameron immediately called charlie and reported the news to charlie.

When charlie heard that Nanako was coming, the first reaction in his heart was naturally very pleasant surprise. Just as Claire went to the company, Elaine forced Jacob to drive and take her out to get some air. He was the only one at home, so he simply drove Jacob rushed to the Shangri-La Hotel in his previous BMW 5 Series.

And Xion has been preparing for her parents’ wedding in the sky garden of Shangri-La since yesterday. She knows that her mother has not been easy these years, so she wants to do her best to create an unforgettable event for her mother. wedding.

Because the sky garden of Shangri-La is usually not open to the public, this time it was specially used for the wedding of Zayne and Kairi, so Xion also had enough time to make on-site preparations in the early stage, unlike many popular hotel banquet halls, which are only allowed the night before the wedding Start to arrange, the time is particularly hasty.

At this time, she was discussing the plan of the set with the project leader of the wedding company, when she suddenly saw Nanako Ito walking in with a group of maids, she went forward in surprise and said, “Miss Ito, what are you doing?” Come here so early? I thought you would arrive tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

Nanako Ito smiled and said, “The eighth is the wedding of my uncle and aunt, how can I come too late.”

Said, Nanako Ito said again, “I I brought a lot of flowers, and the staff will bring them up one after another later, and I will show you how to match them on the spot, and see which feeling you prefer.”

Xion asked subconsciously, “If you arrange the flowers now, I’m afraid it won’t last three years. Oh my god?”

Ito Nanako said with a smile, “The flowers I brought this time are specially used to discuss the plan with you. I have already arranged the flowers for the wedding. I will carefully select and prune the branches on the morning of the 7th. I took off from Japan and transported it to Aurous Hill by air, and I have already told the supplier that the flowers cut in the morning of the 7th should not be fully bloomed, but should be fully bloomed, so that all arrangements will be made on the evening of the 7th, and the flowers will be given enough water. It only takes one night, and the flowers can be guaranteed to be in the best state for the wedding on the 8th!”

Xion said with a look of surprise, “This… prepare two batches of flowers in this way, and they are all airlifted Is the cost too high?”

Nanako Ito patted her hand and smiled slightly, “This cost is not worth mentioning to the Ito family, so don’t worry too much about Miss banks. Our goal is to let uncles and aunts To hold a perfect wedding, a few flowers are nothing.”


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