The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5484

Xion was moved in her heart, and said very reverently, “Miss Ito, thank you so much…”

Nanako Ito shook her head and said with a smile, “After what happened to my parents, We are friends now, why are you being so polite to me?”

Xion nodded lightly, she understood the meaning of Ito Nanako’s words, her mother and Ito Nanako’s father were disabled people with amputations, Some time ago, they got charlie’s intermittent pill in the United States at the same time, and it was that experience that made the two of them quickly get acquainted.

So , Xion asked Ito Nanako, “Excuse me, is Mr. Ito here?” I went to the residence to rest, and he asked me to convey that he will definitely come to congratulate on the wedding day.”

After that, she asked Xion again, “Is Aunt  here?

” For the wedding dress, Ms. moore arranged for a designer to come here to tailor it for her, and Mr. isaac arranged for a presidential suite to facilitate preparations for the wedding in the next few days.” Nanako Ito nodded and smiled, “That’s fine,

let Aunt  take care of herself, The wedding scene will be arranged by us juniors.”

Xion nodded slightly, and then asked Nanako Ito, “By the way, Ms. Ito, did you tell Mr. wade in advance when you came here today?” “

No.” Nanako Ito slightly She said shyly, “charlie must be busy on weekdays, so I didn’t tell him in advance.”

Xion laughed and said, “Even if you don’t tell him, Mr. isaac will tell him as soon as possible. Mr. wade values ​​you so much, maybe he is on his way now. “

Ito Nanako said with a blushing face, “How come… I see that Mr. wade also attaches great importance to you…”

Xion said shyly, “I… I am in a different situation from you… I am Mr. wade You are Mr. wade’s confidante…”

Nanako Ito looked at her and asked curiously, “Is it really just a subordinate? “

Xion said unnaturally for a while, “It’s really just a subordinate…Mr. wade has saved me many times and helped me so much. Naturally, I will always follow him around to repay his kindness. My kindness, so naturally he is his subordinate…”

Nanako Ito nodded slightly, and said with a smile, “Actually, I envy you even more. As his subordinate, at least I can see him often, unlike me, who usually wants to see him. easy. “

Xion was slightly taken aback when she heard this.

Originally, she was very envious of Nanako Ito. After all, anyone with a discerning eye could see that although charlie had many confidante, he had a special preference for her.

But carefully Thinking about it, what Nanako Ito said is not unreasonable.

She is usually in Japan, and it is really not easy to meet charlie. Unlike herself, she is in Aurous Hill, so there are naturally many opportunities to meet charlie

. When she was sighing in her heart, there was a sound of high-heeled shoes, and Zara banks, who was wearing a professional suit and very capable, walked in quickly. Seeing her coming, Xion quickly said to Nanako Ito,

“Miss Ito, my sister Come, you should know her too, right?

Nanako Ito smiled and nodded, “I know, after all, we are all shareholders of Yisu Shipping on the surface . At this time, 

Zhiyu had already walked quickly to Xion, and Xion said happily, “Sister, why are you here?” “

Zara banks said with a smile, “Dad is going to get married, so I, a daughter, must come here.” “

As she said that, she looked at Nanako Ito, smiled and said, “Miss Ito is here too, long time no see.”

Nanako Ito nodded, and said with a smile, “Long time no

see, Miss banks.” Zara banks looked around and asked Xion ” Xion, isn’t Dad here?”

Xion said with some embarrassment, “Well… Dad is in the presidential suite… to accompany my mother… to try on the wedding dress.”

Zara banks nodded slightly, and then asked, “That Mr. wade Are you there?”

“Not here.” Xion shook her head and asked her, “Sister, do you have anything to do with Mr. wade?”

Zara banks pursed her lips, and said with some doubts in her heart, “I’m looking for Mr. wade, is it I want to ask him to give my brother a chance to come back to attend the wedding… My brother is still on the way to kowtow, and my father is getting married, he should be there as the eldest son, but I don’t know if Mr. wade will agree…” The voice just

fell , she heard a familiar voice that often sounded repeatedly in her dreams, “Since Ms. Banks wants Fitz Bank to come to the wedding, then I will arrange for someone to pick him up!”


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