The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5486

Although his body was tattered, he wore thick protective gear on his hands and knees. Every three steps he took, he had to kneel on the ground, and then he kowtowed to the ground before getting up. After getting up, he took another three steps and continued to kneel down. So cycle.

When he first started on the road, Fitz’s body couldn’t bear such high-intensity exercise at all, and his body was tortured. He had already reached his limit by walking three to four kilometers a day, which was much slower than the speed of ten kilometers a day for normal believers. .

However, with the passage of time and the longer and longer distances, he gradually adapted to this rhythm, and gradually increased from three to four kilometers a day to the current seven or eight kilometers.

In more than five months, he has traveled more than a thousand kilometers.

Originally, Fitz felt that he was a standard outlier when he kowtowed three times on the road during the day and slept in the open at night.

But as he walked farther and farther, he gradually discovered on the road that there were many people who, like himself, kowtowed their long heads and made pilgrimages to the southwest.

The difference from them is that these people are all people of faith, and Fitz is an atheist himself. Others do this for their faith, but he has to do this because charlie ordered him to do it. thing.

However, as the distance traveled got farther and farther, Fitz’s mentality became more and more relaxed.

In the process of progress, he almost replayed his life of more than 20 years several times.

During the review process, Fitz also became more and more aware of his many mistakes and shortcomings in the past. Over time, Fitz felt that he was a guilty person.

Relying on the young master of the Banks family to be arrogant and domineering, ignorant and incompetent, is the first crime;

being rescued by charlie without gratitude is the second crime;

his father was taken away by his grandfather, his mother and sister were murdered by his grandfather, and his life and death are unknown At that time, for the sake of my future, I went to the culprit and got my grandfather to compromise. This is the third deadly sin.

Over time, although Fitz didn’t have any religious beliefs, he was surprised to find that the punishment that charlie gave him, which was similar to corporal punishment, could calm his heart down.

After the mind calmed down, the daily fatigue of the body was no longer a kind of torture to him.

He is like a person who has never exercised, but became addicted to fitness because of his insistence on exercising. He gradually began to immerse himself in it, unable to extricate himself. As long as it is not a strong wind and rain, he will never stop moving.

Moreover, after he reflected on his mistakes and sins over the years, the hatred for charlie gradually disappeared in his heart, and he finally understood charlie’s intention of making him make a pilgrimage all the way.

In the past, he was dazzled by interests and material desires, and his family and humanity were greatly affected by this. After such training, his material desires have already been reduced to the extreme. Luxury houses, luxury cars, yachts, and airplanes are all things to him. It’s all a passing day, and now he only needs to fill his stomach every day, and he has already lived a very fulfilling life.

With the reduction of material desires, his humanity gradually recovered. He began to miss his relatives and sympathize with the poor people along the way. When he saw the poor areas, he silently remembered them in his heart, hoping that when he had the ability in the future, he would What can be done for them.

In Fitz’s mental journey, he not only overcame the difficulties and obstacles on the road, but more importantly, he was purified and sublimated in his own spiritual level.

Just as Fitz continued to kowtow three steps at a time, there was a whistling sound of a helicopter in the sky, and a helicopter quickly flew in front of him from far and near, and then landed slowly in front of him.

After kowtowing, Fitz stood up from the ground, looked at the helicopter, and wondered why the helicopter blocked his way.

At this moment, the hatch of the helicopter opened, and a middle-aged man jumped out of the plane, stepped in front of Fitz, and said, “Master Banks, my master please go back.”


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