The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5488

At this time, the phone suddenly vibrated, and he opened it to find that it was a video sent by Isaac Cameron. This was also the video he had specially told Isaac Cameron to arrange for someone to take it quietly, in order to see Fitz’s real state now.

After seeing Fitz’s performance, charlie’s impression of him has also changed a lot.

The reason why he was asked to kowtow was not simply to punish him, but also to give him a chance to reflect on himself.

There are countless ways to punish him. In fact, the best way is to put him in a kennel like Kobayashi Jiro and let him be with dogs all day long.

However, in charlie’s view, Fitz is Zara banks’s elder brother after all, and also Aunt Du’s own son. If he can go back to the right path, it will be a big deal for Zara banks and the entire Banks family. good thing.

charlie originally thought that he would at least have to wait until this experience was over before he could change from the bottom of his heart, but judging from Fitz’s current performance, it basically exceeded charlie’s expectations for him.

Putting down the phone, Nanako Ito’s first bouquet of flowers had already been inserted.

Xion and Zara banks have been obsessed with watching it, and Zara banks can’t help but sigh, “I never thought that a bunch of flowers can be so beautiful, no matter from which angle you look at it, it is perfect…” Xion on the side is

also Eyes flushed with excitement.

She was still thinking about how to make her parents’ wedding different from other people’s weddings.

However, when she started preparing for this matter, she realized that in fact, so many rich people all over the country had already ruined their wedding ideas.

No matter what kind of plan it is, I thought it would be amazing at first, but if you really ask the knowledgeable people, they will immediately come up with a lot of similar cases.

Although the hardware of the sky garden is very good, Aurous Hill is only a second-tier city after all, and such high-end banquet halls cannot be counted with two hands in a first-tier city.

What’s more, I don’t intend to be extravagant and wasteful, so it is even more difficult to make any truly innovative elements.

However, when she saw Nanako’s flower arrangement skills, she immediately realized that this is the most precious and rare innovation.

If such stunning flower arrangements fill the venue on the wedding day, they will definitely amaze everyone.

After Nanako Ito finished the bouquet, she looked at Xion at the side and asked her, “Miss Su, are you satisfied with this match?” “

Satisfied, very satisfied!” Xion said excitedly, “Ito Miss, I have never seen such a good flower arranger as you… These flowers are no longer as simple as flowers in your hands, but more like works of art!” Ito Nanako said with a smile, “artworks are not so

much , It’s just some color, pattern and space matching. Before I came, I probably thought of seven or eight matching plans for my uncle’s and aunt’s wedding. After I make them all, you can choose according to the site layout. In addition, you’d better bring me Take a look at the style of the wedding dress that Auntie has already determined. I can design the bouquets on both sides of the wedding walkway according to her wedding dress.” Xion

said quickly, “The style of the wedding dress has been determined, and now I am tailor-made to modify it. I’ll take you to have a look!”

“Okay.” Nanako nodded, then looked at charlie, and asked him with a smile, “Mr. charlie, Father is also here this time. If it’s convenient for you at noon, wait until I finish my work here.” Come with me to find my father and have a cup of tea, what do you think?” charlie

Ye asked with a smile, “Where is Mr. Ito? Why didn’t you come here?”

I’m here.”

charlie asked again, “Are you staying in a hotel?”

“No.” Nanako Ito blinked and said with a smile, “I asked Tanaka-san to buy a house in Aurous Hill in advance, oh yes, it’s in Tangchen One product!”


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