The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5489

Regarding the video about buying a house in Tomson Yipin, Nanako Ito never planned to hide it from charlie from the very beginning.

Her only thought was to come to Aurous Hill early to give charlie a small surprise. As for the matter of buying a house, she hoped to tell charlie frankly.

charlie really didn’t expect that Nanako Ito bought a house in Tomson Yipin, so he asked her curiously, “When did it happen? Which household did you buy it in?” Nanako Ito said with a smile, “I bought the house in Linjiang

. High-rise building, the villa has been sold out.”

As he said that, Nanako Ito said again, “Actually, I wanted to buy a more classical villa, but Tanaka-san has been here for a few days and has not found a suitable house, so I temporarily bought it yesterday. Tomson Yipin bought a high-rise.”

charlie nodded lightly, and said with a smile, “We will be neighbors from now on, and you are welcome to settle in Aurous Hill.”

Although charlie had always had a good impression of Ito Nanako, but There is nothing wrong with it. In his heart, he has always regarded Nanako Ito as a confidante whose personality and conversation are the most suitable for his temper.

And since Ito Nanako bought a house in Tomson Yipin, it means that she will definitely come to Aurous Hill often in the future, which is naturally a happy thing for charlie.

Nanako Ito said a little shyly, “I may not come to China too often for the time being, and the family still has some things to deal with, but if the time is right in the future, you can also consider gradually moving the company to China.” charlie

nodded , Seriously said, “If you really have such an idea, it’s okay. In the future, whether it is the Wade family or my own business, there will be many places where I can cooperate with the Ito family.” For Nanako Ito, charlie naturally has some preferences


This is why, he also hopes that Nanako Ito can live in Aurous Hill forever.

Moreover, Nanako Ito has always had no reservations about charlie, and charlie integrated the shipping resources of the Banks family to establish Yisu Shipping. Nanako Ito not only took out all the shipping resources of the Ito family, but even replaced charlie without hesitation Chen holds shares in this company for generations, and charlie also hopes to find a suitable opportunity to repay the Ito family in business.

Nanako Ito was worried that coming to Aurous Hill by herself would bring inconvenience to charlie, but unexpectedly, charlie not only hoped that she would live in Aurous Hill for a long time, but also hoped that she would transfer the enterprise center here, which made her very happy , The plan to shift the focus of the enterprise to Aurous Hill can finally be officially put on the agenda.

So, she couldn’t hide the joy in her heart, and said, “If Mr. charlie welcomes you, I will make good preparations when I go back this time.”

charlie smiled and said, “Of course I welcome.”

Nanako Ito smiled sweetly, nodded and said, “Then I will talk to Ou Dosang should make a good plan, but it will take at least one or two years for such a huge industry and team to transfer to Aurous Hill step by step. The first task is to choose a site in Aurous Hill.” charlie said indifferently, “It’s easy,

Dihao The group has many properties in Aurous Hill. When I held the Huichundan auction before, I also asked the Moore Group to develop a lot of commercial real estate. At that time, the Ito family can choose from these properties.


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