The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5493

Fitz followed the reputation, and seeing that it was Zara, tears burst into his eyes instantly.

At this time, Zara had already rushed in front of him, ignoring his dirty appearance, hugged him, and cried, “Brother! You are finally back…” Fitz couldn’t help crying

too When he came out, he said in a flustered and inferior manner, “Zara, my body is too dirty…” “It’s

okay…” Zara shook his head, and said in tears, “Brother, you have suffered for the past six months… “

Fitz sighed, and said devoutly, “I didn’t suffer much, but whenever I think of you and Mom, I feel very guilty and can’t forgive myself…” Zara quickly comforted, “Those

things It’s all over, brother, don’t mention it anymore, mom and I understand you very well, mom is not angry with you, and I am not angry with you.” Then, she hurriedly wiped away her tears and

said “Brother, I’m waiting for you at home, let’s go back!”

Fitz said with some embarrassment, “Zara…I don’t think it’s good to see me in this state…Why don’t I find a place to wash first?” Take a bath and change your clothes…”

“No need.” Zara shook his head and said, “Mom has already prepared a full set of clothes for you, and even a razor for you. Come back with me…”

Fitz asked in surprise, “Mom knows that Mr. Wade will let me come back today? Could it be that Mom asked Mr. Wade?”

“No.” Zara shook his head and explained, “I told my mom yesterday that I wanted to ask Mr. Wade today to see if he would let you come back for dad’s wedding temporarily. Mom said that as long as I If you open your mouth, Mr. Wade will definitely agree, so I bought all these things for you in advance yesterday afternoon.”

Fitz was slightly taken aback, then nodded, and sighed, “It seems that Mom guessed that Mr. Wade would be online with me. Be on the sidelines…”

Zara nodded, and hurriedly urged, “Brother, let’s talk about it in the car, don’t make mom wait too anxiously.” Saying this,

Zara thanked Charlie’s subordinates who were traveling with him, and then He took his brother to his car.

Looking at Zara’s clean and tidy Volvo car, Fitz said cautiously, “Zara, brother is dirty and smelly, and will definitely stain your car…” Zara opened the

door , pushed him in, and said seriously, “Brother, we are brothers and sisters, and no car is more important than you.”

After that, she hurried back to the driver’s seat and drove away from the airport.

On the way, Zara asked him, “Brother, how is your journey? Are you tired?” “

Not tired.” Fitz shook his head and said seriously, “I felt very tired at the beginning, and I wish I could be tired every day. look dead, but afterI got used to it very quickly. To be honest, I was not used to the sudden interruption. The journey on the plane just now was quite torturous. ” Zara couldn’t help being a little surprised. She didn’t expect her elder brother , who was always pampered, to be able to adapt to

such a difficult pilgrimage. Fitz went on to say, “I couldn’t do anything in the past. Sometimes I feel that smoking really makes the respiratory tract very uncomfortable.

I want to quit smoking but it’s hard to persist for a whole morning; sometimes I want to go to the gym when my mind is hot, but I give up after two days; sometimes I want to calm down and learn something useful to myself, but I haven’t had any The same thing can really persevere…”

At this point, Fitz sighed and said with emotion, “This pilgrimage made me understand a truth. In fact, it is not that difficult to persevere. The difficulty is only at the beginning. In those few days, as long as I persisted in the first few days, it would not be so difficult in the future. It sounds unacceptable to kneel down while walking every day, but after the first few days, I gradually got used to it, and I I also quit smoking, and persisted every day without any distractions. My physical and mental state have improved a lot. I feel that I have never been so natural and thorough in my life, so I have always been very grateful to Mr. Wade. Listening to the hypocritical, but heartfelt words, he reshaped my soul. “

Zara was stunned.

She never dreamed that her lazy and playful brother, after half a year of tempering, would undergo a radical change.

That ignorant, arrogant and domineering young man had already It faded away quickly, and was replaced by a humble and resolute man.

This made her heart, which was still a little sad, suddenly a little more relieved and joyful!


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