The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5494

Jinling Old Town.

The house that charlie lived with his parents when he was young is now completely new.

Deana, the mother of the two brothers and sisters of the Banks family, put a lot of effort into renovating and rebuilding this old house bit by bit. Although everything looks the same as it did back then, it seems that the time has been pulled back 20 years ago. like that.

During the period of living here, Deana lived very relaxed every day. She read books, drank tea, practiced calligraphy in this old house every day, and patiently took care of the flowers and trees in the yard in her free time. Had a great time.

During this period of time, Fitz has been on the pilgrimage, and Zara often travels around for work, and rarely has time to come back to accompany her, but for Deana, such a solitary life makes her extremely satisfied.

Although she was also worried about Fitz, she also knew that this was charlie’s punishment for him. charlie would not spare him lightly, but he would definitely protect his safety.

This is not a judgment based on her understanding of charlie, but based on her understanding of charlie’s father, bruce Wade.

bruce Wade is such a person. Although he has thunderous means, he will definitely use both kindness and power. He will not leave room for real enemies, and will definitely spare him a chance for enemies who are not guilty of death.

It is a long way for her son to go to the Jokhang Temple, and it is inevitable that he will encounter dangers if he eats and sleeps in the open. But it is precisely because of her understanding of bruce Wade that she firmly believes that charlie will definitely bring her son back alive.

And she did not guess wrong, although charlie made Fitz go on a pilgrimage to the Jokhang Temple with bloody wrists and no mercy, but he still told the Wade family to protect him secretly.

And there was one thing she didn’t guess wrong, that is, when she heard her daughter say that she wanted to ask charlie to let her brother come back to attend her father’s wedding, she firmly believed that charlie would not refuse.

At this time, she was ready, with a change of clothes, a set of toiletries, a jar of warm water and a table of meals, waiting for Fitz’s arrival at home.

Although she had always been calm in her heart, when she heard the sound of brakes outside the door, she pushed the door open and ran out with some difficulty concealing her excitement.

Outside the door, Zara’s car had just stopped, and the brother and sister got out of the car together.

Across the wrought iron gate, when Fitz saw his mother, tears rolled down again.

Deana couldn’t help but have red eyes.

Fitz pushed open the door, stepped in front of his mother, suddenly knelt down on his knees, and cried, “Mom… Fitz was wrong!”

Deana was still distressed because of his son’s downcast appearance. Suddenly knelt down to admit his mistake, and was not consciously startled, and then hurriedly pulled him up, choked up in his mouth and said, “Get up, you are right, mom never blamed you…” Regarding

Fitz’s decision back then, Deana The point of view is the same as that of his daughter Zara.

A wealthy family is comparable to an ancient imperial palace, and Fitz never murdered her mother and sister, but just stood against them for self-protection and future. This is completely understandable and even tolerated.


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