The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5495

In ancient and modern times, at home and abroad, many members of the royal family and heirs of wealthy families, because of their interests, they have long been familiar with each other.

At this time, Fitz was still kneeling on the ground, with tears streaming down his face, but he said in a very firm voice, “Fitz disregards the life and death of his mother and sister, and only cares about his own future. Loyalty or not filial piety!”

Deana said seriously, “Mom can understand what you said, and you can’t help yourself, so I don’t blame you.”

Fitz continued to say loudly, “Wrong is wrong! Anything you can’t help yourself is wrong.” It’s an excuse! I could have chosen to stand with my mother and sister, and I could have chosen to seek justice for you, but I chose to disregard your life and death and only pursue my own interests, which is wrong!” 

Deana After a moment of silence, he sighed softly, and said earnestly, “Okay, you were wrong, but now you can realize where you are wrong. Mom is already very relieved. Knowing right and wrong, you are worthy of your name.”

As he said that, Deana said again, “Fitz, you finally came back. Time is limited, so you can’t just kneel here all the time. Mom has already prepared bath water for you. Go take a bath first, and then accompany mom and your sister.” Let’s have a homely meal, let’s have a good chat.”

Zara on the side also stepped forward to persuade, “Yeah brother, it’s not easy for you to come back this time, spend more time with mom, it’s much better than kneeling here “

Fitz just wiped away tears, stood up, followed behind her mother, and entered the old house that charlie lived in when he was young.

Deana took him directly to the bathroom, where the bathtub was already filled with water, and the toiletries and happy clothes were neatly placed aside.

Deana said to him, “Fitz, Mom has prepared new clothes for you, as well as toiletries and a razor, but nothing to cut your hair. I think your hair is quite long, why don’t you go out and find someone in the afternoon?” Let’s have a good cut at the barber shop.”

Fitz shook his head, and said, “I want to grow hair for three years, but it’s only half a year now.” “

Three years?” Deana said in surprise, “Boys should not keep it too long.” Let’s grow your hair, not to mention the harsh conditions of your journey, and it’s hard to take care of such long hair.”

FitzSeriously said, “Mom, last month, I met a couple on the road. They, like me, also wanted to make a pilgrimage to the Jokhang Temple, but they were faster than me, so we only walked together for a short two days. I They couldn’t keep up with their speed. The reason why the couple went on a pilgrimage was to pray for their son who died of leukemia to have a good pregnancy in the next life and to be free from disease and suffering in his life. I heard them talk about their The pain suffered by his son before his death made him feel very uncomfortable, so he wanted to save his hair and shave it off after three years, donating it to make wigs for children who lost their hair due to chemotherapy. Do a little bit for them…”

Deana’s eyes were filled with tears in an instant, she really didn’t expect that her son would have such a big change, she had given birth to this son for more than 20 years, and imagined that she would His son may achieve nothing in his life, and he has imagined that he may achieve a career in the mall immediately, but he never thought that his son, in this life, would be able to say such a thing.

Zara, who was standing at the door, was also in tears at this time.

So, she said, “Brother, why don’t I donate some money to set up a charity fund in your name to help those children with leukemia…” Fitz turned to look

at her and said with a smile, “I know. Fish, of course it’s okay for you to do good deeds, but don’t use my name, I can’t afford it.”

He sighed again, “After I arrive at the Jokhang Temple and complete my redemption, I will do my best , go and do something for them in person.”

Zara couldn’t help asking, “Brother, it will take another year for you to go to the Jokhang Temple, right?”

Fitz smiled and said, “If I can go faster every day than the day before If so, it may arrive in eight months!”


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