The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5496

“Eight months?”

Zara banks exclaimed, “If you want to reach the Jokhang Temple within eight months, wouldn’t you have to travel at least eight or nine kilometers every day?!”

Fitz nodded and said, “Eight or nine kilometers.” Kilometers are guaranteed, and when the condition is good and the weather is good, you have to drive more, so that you can leave time to stay for a while when passing by those majestic natural scenery.” Zara banks couldn’t help feeling distressed again, while the other

side But Deana turned to her and said, “Zara, take a good bath for your brother, let’s not disturb him.”

Zara banks nodded lightly, and said to Fitz, “Brother, take a good bath first, we are here Waiting for you outside.”

Fitz responded, and when Zara banks closed the bathroom door, he took off his tattered clothes and prepared to take a good bath.

But standing in front of the bathtub, looking at the clear warm water inside, he hesitated for a moment, and took his dirty clothes to the shower room beside him.

He put the dirty clothes on the ground first, then turned on the shower, rinsed the dirty clothes, and then began to wash off the dirt on his body little by little.

Zara banks and his mother, Deana, had already arrived at the restaurant at this time, and the mother and daughter looked at each other, and they could see the complicated look in each other’s eyes.

After a moment of silence, Zara banks was the first to speak, “Mom… brother has really changed a lot in the past six months… so many words came out of his mouth, I can’t believe that he is really him, as if there is someone else It’s like a soul replaced his body…”

Deana smiled slightly, and couldn’t hide his gratification and said, “I told you before that everything in the world has its own definite number. Although your brother has been a playboy for more than 20 years, but Now it seems that he is destined to change his mind.”

As he said that, Deana said again, “When your brother returns from the Jokhang Temple in eight months, his life trajectory may undergo an earth-shaking change. Although I don’t know exactly what this change will be, I believe this change must make him better.”

Zara banks nodded lightly, and sighed, “It seems that my brother’s suffering along the way is not in vain. If he can walk on the right path from now on, it is really thanks to Mr. Wade’s thunderous means…” Deana agreed and said, “

Some Sometimes people need to break and then stand up, but some people have been spoiled and spoiled since they were young, and they are too well protected. The people around him are not willing to let him go through the process of breaking, so I really want to thank charlie.” Zara banks hurriedly said,

” Oh, by the way, Mr. Wade said that he will come to visit after lunch.”

Deana was slightly taken aback, and asked her subconsciously, “charlie is coming?”

“Yes.” Zara banks nodded.

“Okay.” Deana said with a smile, “It’s just a matter of time to thank him in person!”


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