The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5502

The highest auction record for bluefin tuna, one has been bought for a sky-high price of several million dollars. Most of the meat of such a fish will flow into high-end restaurants. It seems that enough high-end restaurants can eat this top-level ingredient. As long as you spend hundreds of dollars, you can eat a slice of it in the restaurant.

But the real situation is that the two gills of tuna like this are impossible to flow into the back kitchen of any restaurant.

Most people can’t understand why those top rich people are extravagant to the extreme. It doesn’t matter to them if the ingredients of a meal are tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. In their eyes, the only value of a bottle of wine worth tens of thousands of dollars is only when it is opened. Hear a sound.

This is mainly because they are so rich that they can spend a lot of money without racking their brains, and it is impossible to spend it all in a few lifetimes. Ordinary people eat a daily meal, and a meal eats up a day or two of wages. But for a top rich man like Takehiko Ito, even if he eats 100,000 US dollars for a meal, he may only eat the interest generated by his savings in the bank for a day.

In other words, if he spends 100,000 US dollars on a meal, the proportion of his expenditure in the total net worth is the same as that of an ordinary person who spends 10 yuan on a bowl of vegetarian noodle soup.

Although charlie is also very rich, money doesn’t mean much to him, and he has never had the habit of spending extravagantly, so after listening to Emi Ito’s introduction, he nodded slightly and said with a smile, “Ms. Ito has worked hard, I don’t have such a tricky mouth, just eat some home-cooked food, don’t have to be so extravagant.”

Nanako Ito smiled and said, “Mr. Wade prepares it by himself, even if you don’t come to the house as a guest, his aunt will prepare these for him. It’s only his own food cost every year, which costs millions of dollars. To be honest, in my opinion, it’s more of a gimmick than reality.”

Ito Yuhiko laughed, and said, “Nanako, everything in this world can be called Tao as long as you pursue it to the extreme. You like ikebana, so you will do everything possible to buy the most expensive flowers, roadside flowers.” You can buy one rose in the store for only 1 yuan, but those top-quality ones selected from thousands of top cultivars can even sell for tens of thousands, with the best flowers and the best matching The combination of utensils and utensils in the most elegant way becomes the way of flowers, but the bouquets of 100 yuan in the roadside flower shop will never have anything to do with the way of flowers in a lifetime; “”And tea, ordinary

people Make a cup of tea, or make a tea bag, or make a tea bag and mix it with milk, These can only be regarded as drinking tea, only the use of top-level tea leaves, top-level tea sets, and the most sophisticated brewing methods can be called the way of tea! “

Although I don’t know the way of flowers and tea, I know the way of food!” That is to eat the best ingredients and drink the most expensive wine! Nanako Ito

stuck out her tongue, and deliberately teased him, “Just say greedy, why bother to talk so much…”

Ito Yuhiko laughed heartily, and immediately took a bottle of sake with “14 generations” written on it, He said to charlie, “Mr. Wade, this is not an ordinary great master, this is one of the top-notch Long Xiao Jiutian, even the prime minister may not have the chance to smell it! “

“Long Xiao Jiutian…” charlie twitched the corner of his mouth, and smiled awkwardly, and asked him, “Why did you choose such a name…” Ito Yuhiko said with a smile, “This is the unique sense of

ritual of Japanese brands, let’s ignore it Whether something is good or bad, the name must be packaged in a high-end atmosphere. It is best to let others not understand, so that he will feel that this thing is very professional! The nouns in sake can write a book. Well-known brands and series include Heilong, Longyin, and Longquan. This Longxiao Jiutian is the ceiling of the ceiling. 

Charlie looked at him, and asked a question, “Mr. Ito, tell your heart, is this wine good?” “

” Good…is it good to drink?” “Takehiko Ito fell into deep thought for a moment, thought for a while, and said very seriously, “To be honest, Mr. Wade, this thing is far worse than Coke in terms of taste alone.

After finishing speaking, he quickly added another sentence, “But this sake is the quintessence of Japan after all! ” The wine made by Europeans from raw, rotten grapes is not as good as grape juice. Isn’t it their national quintessence! Ye

Chen nodded in understanding, and said with a smile, “It seems that Japanese sake and French red wine are similar to our girl’s drinking music. “

Takehiko Ito laughed tacitly, clapped his hands and said, “Mr. Wade is right! “

After all, he took the initiative to pour a glass of sake for charlie, and said with a smile, “But Mr. Wade, although the wine is not delicious, but the feeling of being slightly drunk is indeed something other things can’t give. Let Tanaka also accompany us for a while.” Drink a little, everyone will have more fun while drinking and chatting!”


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