The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5503

charlie, Ito Yuhiko, and Tanaka Hiroshi exchanged glasses, while Nanako stood by and kept adding wine for him.

What’s interesting is that Nanako only drinks for charlie, Emi Ito only drinks for Yuhiko Ito, and Koichi Tanaka can only drink for himself.

The so-called Long Xiao Nine Heavens, in charlie’s opinion, is not good to drink. Except for the pure rice fragrance, this thing is really lackluster. If you want to feel a little drunk, you have to have at least 40% alcohol. To him, drinking sake is no different from drinking tap water.

However, since it was the national quintessence brought by Ito Yuhiko all the way, charlie naturally gave enough face.

Including the top seafood sashimi prepared by Emi Ito, charlie is still full of praise.

But in fact, what he thinks in his heart is that sashimi itself has no taste, and what he eats is just the taste of different fish. After dipping it in soy sauce and wasabi, the overall taste is not much different.

This is very similar to hot pot. After eating, what you eat is just the taste of the bottom of the pot and the dipping sauce.

After having lunch at the Ito family’s new residence, charlie and Ito Yuhiko chatted for a while, then got up to say goodbye and leave.

He told Zara banks earlier that he would visit Deana’s house, so naturally he couldn’t break his promise.

Although he drank a lot of sake with the two of them, fortunately he had spiritual energy in him. Before setting off, he used spiritual energy to remove all the alcohol, and then drove to his old house.

At this time, Deana, brother and sister Fitz and Zara banks had already had lunch. Fitz changed into clean clothes, shaved and tied up his shoulder-length hair. Much quieter and sharper.

Zara banks sat on the sofa, keeping an eye on the movement outside the yard, hoping to see charlie as soon as he arrived.

And when the BMW that charlie was driving slowly stopped at the gate of the courtyard, Zara banks was overjoyed, and quickly said to her mother and brother, “Mr. Wade is here!” After that, she had already stood up

, Run towards the door.

Deana and Fitz also got up quickly, and followed behind to greet them.

When charlie got off the car, the three of them had already walked to the door one after the other.

Zara banks opened the retro iron gate, a little shy, and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, you are here!”

Fitz also said very respectfully, “Mr. Wade…”

Deana was not as good as the two of them. Cautious, as if she saw a good friend’s child, she said kindly, “charlie is here, come in!”

charlie nodded slightly, and respectfully said, “Hello, Aunt Deana, I haven’t seen you for a while, How are you recently?”


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