The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5506

Ever since he confirmed that the Banks family had nothing to do with the death of his parents, charlie never thought of taking the life of anyone in the Banks family. Zayne could let him off and make it happen, let alone a mere Fitz.

And he asked people to protect Fitz in secret, because of the face of Deana and Zara banks. The pilgrimage to the Jokhang Temple is not like Kong Delong riding a bicycle to Aurous Hill. The latter has a bicycle, and the way is the most economically developed in China. In the area, as long as you don’t blindly pedal your bicycle on the high speed, there is basically no danger to your life.

But Fitz was different. All the way westward, the environment was getting worse and worse. If he was not careful, he would be in danger everywhere. If he didn’t protect him secretly, if he died on the way, how could he tell Deana and Zara explained.

Fitz also knew that charlie asked people to protect him, not because he was really kind to him, but because of the face of his mother and sister.

But even so, he was still grateful to charlie for awakening himself from his former dandyism.

Therefore, he said to charlie very devoutly, “Mr. Wade, no matter what your purpose is, I still thank you for your kindness of reinvention!

” Turn around, come back this time, if you don’t want to continue, the pilgrimage can be terminated.”

When charlie said this, Fitz, Deana, and Zara banks’s mother and daughter were all surprised.

Fitz thought that there was something wrong with her ears, and never dreamed that charlie would allow herself to stop the pilgrimage. You must know that I only walked a third of the way, and it was the easiest third. , the remaining two-thirds are the most severe challenges. As the altitude gets higher and higher, the road ahead will become more and more difficult. It is no exaggeration to say that if we stop now, at least 80% of the hardships can be avoided.

What charlie said was not entirely out of his sincerity.

He just wanted to see if Fitz really changed his past.

If he can really change his past and decide to abandon everything before him, then he will definitely choose to continue this pilgrimage.

But if he is still lucky, then he will definitely seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The reason why charlie tested him in this way was to decide whether to allow Fitz to return to the decision-making level of the Banks family in the future.

Although the current head of the Banks family is Zara banks, it is impossible for Zara banks to be in charge of the entire Banks family alone. Zara banks is like the chairman of a group company with the highest decision-making power and veto power. She cannot All the core things are done by herself, so her subordinates still need a lot of core executive positions to help her run the entire Banks family’s industry.

In a huge group company, under the chairman, there are at least several executive directors and an executive president, and each company entity under the group also needs a set of management teams. , The power in the hands is very large, so there must be a trustworthy person in charge, so as to avoid management failure to the greatest extent.

But right now, Zara banks doesn’t have many people of her own who can use her. Her father has been under house arrest by the Elams family and cannot interfere in the affairs of the Banks family. The old man Lord Banks also went to Madagascar. Deana also went through the divorce procedures with Zayne. It is also inconvenient to have any relationship with the banks Group.

Therefore, if Fitz can completely change his past, charlie still hopes that he can return to the Banks family and be used by Zara banks.

It was because of this idea that charlie decided to give Fitz a real test.

If Fitz passes this temptation, even if he becomes the number two member of the Banks family in the future, he will not stop him.


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