The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5508

“Test?” Fitz Bank looked at her mother with some doubts, and asked inexplicably, “Mom, what do you mean?”

Deana said seriously, “The main purpose of charlie’s coming here today should be to ask you that question. Will you take this opportunity to end this pilgrimage.”

Fitz Bank asked her, “What is Mr. Wade planning to test me? Is my sincerity tested?”

“Almost!” Deana nodded slightly, explaining Said, “charlie’s behavior style is very similar to his father’s. Although I don’t know charlie well, I know bruce. bruce is different from most leaders. It’s not based on one’s background, but on one’s character.”

After a pause, Deana continued, “In his eyes, no matter how powerful a person is, as long as the person’s conduct is bad, he won’t make friends with him, let alone put him in “

But now many people don’t care about this, and many bosses have malicious intentions, they just want to squeeze out the ability and value of the other party and discard them at will, so when they employ people, they first look at ability, Rather than looking at character, but such a person is often a double-edged sword. 

Even if a certain value can be created in a short period of time, how can two people who have malicious intentions and want the winner to take it all create such a huge value? A win-win situation?

 So, in the long run, this kind of situation must do more harm than good, and it is precisely because of this that bruce’s first prerequisite for employing people is to pass the test of character; “Speaking of this, Deana said again, “

charlie let Kairi put your father under house arrest. It must have some intentions. As long as Zayne can figure it out and meet charlie’s test standards, charlie will give him freedom.

 If you don’t believe me, just wait and see. The wedding on the 8th is over. He will definitely be able to regain his freedom.”

Fitz Bank asked in surprise, “Mom, do you mean that Mr. Wade intends to use me?”

Deana said seriously, “It may not be him who used you, it may be your sister.”

Zara banks clicked He nodded and said, “Then when my brother returns from his pilgrimage, he can return to work in the Banks Group!”

“That’s right.” Deana sighed, “charlie tested your brother, presumably because of you, his thoughts are the same as his father’s, very careful.” Fitz Bank was silent for a moment, and suddenly realized, “Mom, I understand Mr.

wade’s meaning.” Yes…he wants me to share the responsibility for Zara in a down-to-earth manner without distraction, but the premise is that he must feel that my conduct has changed qualitatively from before. Let me get involved in the Banks family’s business.”


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