The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5512

After finishing speaking, he looked at Kairi, who was sitting in the co-pilot, and said with shame on his face, “Kairi, I did it for banks I am really ashamed that I gave up Xion, and I hope you two don’t hate me…”

Kairi turned her head and said seriously, “Uncle Banks, I know that you also had your reasons for Xion, and this matter also You can’t just blame you, he is also responsible for keeping the way, if he hadn’t let Xion go on a rampage in Japan and wiped out Matsumoto’s family, he wouldn’t have pushed Xion into such a passive situation…” Lord Banks sighed

, Ask her, “Kairi, where is Xion now? When I come back this time, I must apologize to her in person!”

Zayne answered first, “Xion is preparing the wedding scene at the hotel, and you can see her later.” “

Okay…” Lord Banks nodded, and then asked, “This time you are getting married, charlie will tell you if you are married.” Are you back?”

“Come back.” Zayne replied, “Zhifei also just returned to Aurous Hill, but I haven’t seen him yet, he went to Deana’s place with Zara first.” “Oh yes.” Lord Banks said with

emotion “Almost forgot, Deana is also settled in Aurous Hill…”

As he spoke, his expression became even more ashamed, and he said in a low voice, “Back then I killed Deana and almost killed Zara. The couple have always been ashamed. I don’t know if there is a chance to visit Deana this time and apologize to Deana, or you can ask her for me…” “

This…” Zayne said awkwardly, “I have been with Deana for a long time. There is no more contact, I will ask Zara later, let her say hello to Deana, if Deana agrees to see you, let Zara take you there.” “Okay…okay…”

Lord banks nodded lightly, and said sincerely, “During this period of time in Madagascar, I have completely thought about it. I used to think too much about the wealth and power of the Banks family, and my family and human relationships have weakened a lot because of this. Now that I have been disarmed and returned to the field, I realize how hateful I was back then, and I hope that before I go back this time, I can get forgiveness from Xionu, Zara, and Deana…” When

Lord Banks was in power, he was arrogant, but he really felt that he was being ra*ed. After charlie deprived everything, his state of mind also changed a lot.

As he gets older, what he did at the beginning has become a knot in his heart, and he also sincerely hopes to be forgiven by his children and grandchildren. Coming back to attend Zayne’s wedding this time is to untie these knots good opportunity.

After a moment of silence, Lord Banks thought of something, and suddenly asked Zayne, “Zayne, who is the witness for your wedding with Kairi?

” Apart from Kairi’s family, we didn’t invite any outsiders, so we just wanted to keep a low profile and finish it off. Xion invited a well-known male host from Eastcliff to be the master of ceremonies, so the wedding witnesses will be fine. Consider it.”

Lord Banks nodded, and said seriously, “You two take the time to invite charlie and see if he is willing to be your witness.” “

charlie?” Zayne said awkwardly, “Dad, I It’s not that I have any opinion on Charlie, it’s just that people invite elders or leaders to be witnesses, how can they invite juniors to be witnesses…” “Junior?”

Lord Banks smiled and asked him, “Zayne, what do you think we should do?” In this situation, are you still qualified to talk about seniority with charlie? Even if you think he should call you uncle at least, it’s because of you!”


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