The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5513

Lord Banks’s change was indeed unexpected by many people.

In the eyes of many Banks family members, he is the stone in the latrine, so smelly and hard that no one has ever dared to challenge his authority in the Banks family, and he has never bowed to anyone in the Banks family. overdo it.

But this time, he did have the consciousness to change his past.

After he came to Shangri-La, accompanied by Zayne and Kairi, he immediately found Xion, and sincerely apologized to Xion, begging for her forgiveness.

He bowed slightly, and said to Xion, “Xion, Grandpa used to treat you with a lot of debts, and even betrayed you many times for the benefit of the Banks family. Grandpa dare not ask for your forgiveness now, I just hope you can accept it.” Grandpa’s sincere apology…”

Xion never expected that Lord Banks would take the initiative to apologize to himself. Thinking back to his illegitimate daughter, he had never been recognized by Lord Banks. Although he knew that he was his grandfather, he never dared to truly apologize Treat him like a grandfather, let alone expect him to treat herself like a granddaughter.

And when she thought about how she was abandoned by the Banks family many times, and even nearly died at the hands of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, she was still indignant.

Thinking back to the few times when she almost died, Xion’s tears rolled down uncontrollably.

But even though she was crying like pear blossoms, she said to Lord Banks very magnanimously, “You have already paid the price for what you did back then, and now I don’t blame you anymore.” Lord Banks saw that she couldn’t stop

falling Tears, and my heart is also ashamed.

But fortunately, Xion was still willing to forgive himself, which to him was his wish fulfilled.

Then, Zayne called Zara and told her that the old man wanted to visit Deana.

After Deana learned about it, he also graciously welcomed it.

Zayne originally wanted to go with Lord Banks, but Lord Banks warned him in a low voice, “Zayne, since you are going to marry Kairi, you must keep a distance from Deana, and don’t make Kairi feel uncomfortable. , I’ll just ask the driver to take me there, you can find a chance to talk to charlie and see if he’s willing to be your witness.”

Zayne pondered for a moment, nodded slightly, and said, “Okay Dad, I’ll find a chance to ask charlie.”

When Lord Banks used his sincerity to get Deana, Zara’s mother and daughter to forgive, Zayne took the initiative to call charlie.

At this time, charlie was shutting himself up in the Champs Elysees hot spring villa, thinking hard.

After coming out of Deana’s house in the afternoon, he couldn’t wait to come here, wanting to continue studying the ring that Lin Wan’er gave him.

Today, the ring’s beating again made charlie feel a little confused.

Ever since I got this ring, I’ve been acting like a spiritual energy scammer. No matter how much spiritual energy I instilled in it, it wouldn’t respond at all.

However, since the last time it was beating inexplicably at Aurous Hill University, today it was the second time it suddenly beating in the underground garage of Tomson Yipin.

In charlie’s subconscious mind, he has always felt that this thing is definitely not simple, because the aura he has input into this ring is already a huge amount. If he uses that aura to activate the Thunderbolt Talisman, the whole Aurous Hill is afraid that there will be at least thunderstorms and rain. endlessly.

However, such a powerful energy can disappear without a trace when it enters this small ring. Among other things, the bearing capacity of this ring is already extraordinary.

charlie is also a person who has read books. He knows that everything in the world must obey a basic physical rule, and the law of energy conservation is one of them.


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