The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5516

charlie said without hesitation, “Xylaa, don’t cry yet. , tell me where you are now?”

“Still in the hospital…” Xyla choked up and said, “Grandpa plans to pack everything up tonight.”

“Okay!” charlie said immediately, “You are waiting for me in the hospital. Just go!”

When charlie drove to Dr. Simmons’s Jishi Hall, the plaque of Jishi Hall had already been taken off and discarded casually.

At the same time, there was a plaque wrapped in red silk and satin at the door, and it was impossible to see what was written on the plaque for a moment.

When charlie came to Jishitang, Dr. Simmons, Xyla and the boy were packing up all kinds of medicinal materials on the medicine cabinet.

Seeing charlie come in, Xyla shouted excitedly, “Master Wade!”

After finishing speaking, he ran towards charlie, threw himself into charlie’s arms, and started crying.

charlie hurriedly asked her, “Xylaa, what’s the matter? Tell me carefully.”

Dr. Simmons also saw charlie’s expression at this time, he was startled, then staggered over with shame on his face, and sighed, “Master Wade …Why are you here? Did Xylaa tell you something?” 

Xyla cried and said, “Grandpa, Xylaa doesn’t want to leave Aurous Hill, so I want to ask Master Wade to persuade you…”

Dr. Simmons sighed ” Hey! I, Dr. Simmons, would like to gamble and admit defeat. Since I lost, how can I stay here so shamelessly…”

Xyla cried stubbornly and said, “But losing is only losing Serene Medical Clinic! The big deal is to give Serene Medical Clinic to him, We don’t need to leave Aurous Hill because of this!”

Dr. Simmons asked her back, “My bet with him is that if I lose, I will hand over Serene Medical Clinic to him. Serene Medical Clinic is gone, so what’s the point of me staying in Aurous Hill?” Xyla

cried “But I just don’t want to leave Aurous Hill… I haven’t learned the real Sanyang acupuncture from Master Wade, so I don’t want to go…” On

that day, the old man of the Moore family was seriously ill, and Dr. Simmons brought Xyla to treat him, but it happened Meeting charlie on a narrow road, Xyla at the time was dissatisfied with charlie, but after seeing charlie actually used the real “Three Yang Needle Technique”, he immediately cast his admiration on him.

Although the three-yang acupuncture method is a medical technique handed down by the Shi family’s ancestors, what the Shi family ancestors learned is only superficial. The real three-yang acupuncture method is much more powerful than the acupuncture method passed down by the Shi family.

Xyla also knew that many of the top Chinese medical skills had been secrets that had not been handed down over the years, so she never expected that charlie could teach her. Today, she said so suddenly, but she just wanted to find an excuse to stay in Aurous Hill.

At this time, charlie asked in surprise, “Master Simmons, what did you lose to hand over Serene Medical Clinic to others?”

Dr. Simmons said with a face of shame, “Master Wade… is really not as good as others. If you lose, you lose, and you don’t have the face to mention it to you…” Xyla blurted out, “It’s

an old man who came two days ago! As soon as he came, he was going to compete with his grandpa in medical skills, and said that if he won, he would ask grandpa to take off the plaque of Serene Medical Clinic and give him this place to run the medical center. I gave a medicine cauldron to my grandpa…Grandpa didn’t know what to think, so he agreed…”

charlie said curiously, “Doctor , it sounds like the other party obviously set up a trick for you to drill. You shouldn’t be fooled by this kind of behavior style!”

Dr. Simmons blushed and struggled for a while before lamenting, “Master Wade, I’m telling you the truth! It’s a good thing, thinking that you usually make a lot of medicines, if you can win that medicine cauldron to you, it will surely reduce your burden of refining medicines in the future, but I didn’t expect that the old man messed up his game, it’s really embarrassing ah!”


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