The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5518

After speaking, Dr. Simmons said seriously again, “However, Master Wade, Taoism always pays attention to cultivating the mind and nature. , then Hong Tianshi shouldn’t be so shameless, right?”

charlie smiled meaningfully, and said casually, “If he is really a person who cultivates his mind and nature, why would he come here to bet with others? Just like the temple The monks in the church and the priests in the church, if they hang out with those powerful people all day long, and they smell like copper, how can they really cultivate their minds?” The reason why charlie said this is because according to Stefanie sun,

that Hong Tianshi has a good relationship with his grandmother.

In charlie’s view, the first thing a person with true faith must do is to be indifferent to fame and fortune. If he spends all his energy on making friends with powerful people, how can his heart be pure?

Naturally, this Hong Tianshi is also the same.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is absolutely impossible for a person like him to make friends with top dignitaries like his grandmother.

If he didn’t have to spend decades carefully managing himself, promoting himself and packaging himself, how could he be in the eyes of grandma?

It can also be seen from this that this person’s utilitarianism must be very heavy.

Is there anything unusual for a person with a very utilitarian mind to do some tricks while betting?

Xyla also suddenly realized at this time, and blurted out, “Master Wade, you are right! I think that person is very shrewd! His words are also very provocative. At that time, he just said a few words in front of those patients. Grandpa It was very difficult to end up being messed up by him. If you didn’t agree to him at the time, you wouldn’t be able to step down! SoYou said that it is possible for him to insert fake patients in advance, I think it is really possible! 

Dr.  sighed at this time, “It’s too late to say this now. At that time, there were so many patients who saw me lose to him. It was ruined, even if he knew that he was cheating, there was no way to restore it. charlie smiled slightly, “

That’s not necessarily the case. After that

, he thought of something, and asked Dr. Simmons, “By the way, Miracle Doctor  Simmons, you said he has an ancestral medicine cauldron. What kind of medicine cauldron is it?” 

Dr. Simmons said quickly, “It’s the cauldron for Taoist alchemy. It’s about the size of a rugby football. The dragon pattern made of silk looks very exquisite. According to him, it was handed down by his ancestors and specially used for refining elixir. “

charlie raised his eyebrows with great interest, and said with a smile, “Maybe this thing is really a good thing for alchemy.”

After that, he asked Dr. Simmons, “Did that man say when he would come? ” “

Dr. Simmons hurriedly said, “He said that he would come on time at eight o’clock tomorrow morning to hang up the plaque he left at the door. “

charlie remembered the plaque covered with red satin at the door, smiled slightly, and walked outside the door.

Standing still in front of the plaque, charlie unceremoniously stretched out his hand and tore off the red satin on it, revealing three A gold-plated big character Serene Medical Clinic.

charlie snorted, then pulled the ladder aside, picked up the Serene Medical Clinic plaque that had been taken off with one hand, and hung the plaque back again.

Dr. Simmons said nervously, ” Master Wade, I can’t help it… If you hang up this plaque, then the old man will become the old man who is willing to gamble but refuses to admit defeat…”

charlie smiled and said, “It’s okay, the plaque is hung to let him know , This matter has changed, he will definitely rush over to deal with it, and I will come to meet him for a while then! “


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  1. Charlie to the rescue again. Let’s see how he will deal with the taoist priest. More chapters please and thank you.

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