The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5520

I agreed to pack up  things and leave last night, and took off the plaque of Serene Medical Clinic, why haven’t I picked it up yet?!” Sitting on the chair,

charlie looked at Hong Tianshi, and saw that although there was no aura in this person’s body, But it has a bit of true energy, and has reached the level of an eight-star warrior.

A Taoist priest can have the strength of an eight-star warrior, which really makes charlie a little impressed.

At this moment, Master Hong saw that he had called out and no one answered him, so he couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed, and asked, “Where is Dr. Simmons?! Dare to keep the signboard of Serene Medical Clinic, but he hides himself and dare not see people?!

At this time, charlie deliberately coughed twice, stretched his waist and stood up, and said dissatisfiedly, “What are you yelling so early in the morning? Is your brain squeezed by the door? If your brain is really squeezed by the door, you should call 120 and go to the hospital. ” Emergency, we can’t see here!”

Hong Tianshi looked at charlie who suddenly stood up, frowned and asked, “Who are you?”

charlie was still worried that he might have seen his father, so he deliberately asked, “Why, haven’t you seen me?” Hong

Tianshi stared at charlie, and asked in a cold tone, “Boy, did you see me last time I came here?” But you, are you a buddy here?”

charlie shook his head, and said with a smile, “There is no medical center that can afford me to be a buddy.”

Hong Tianshi frowned with a pair of sword eyebrows, and said in a bad tone, “Boy , I don’t want to talk nonsense with you, let Dr. Simmons come out, it’s almost eight o’clock, and I’m going to hang up the plaque of Tianshi Hall!” After that, he remembered something, and angrily said, “Where is

my plaque of Tianshi Hall?! Where are you going? Already?!”

charlie pointed to the gold-plated plaque under his feet that had been trampled off, and said with a smile, “You mean the one under my feet, right?”

When Hong Tianshi saw the plaque of his own Tianshi Hall, Being stepped on the ground by charlie, not only the dust and shoe prints were all stepped on, but even the gold paint was trampled off, the whole person suddenly became furious, pointed at charlie and shouted angrily, “Boy, you are so brave, you even dared to touch me. The plaque should be stepped on under your feet, I think you are impatient!”

After finishing speaking, he raised his fist and made a gesture of fighting.

charlie curled his lips and said sarcastically, “Hey, you old man is so majestic. If you break into this place early in the morning, you will beat someone? Believe it or not, I will make you lose your pants with this punch.” “

Hong Tianshi sneered sarcastically, “Ignorant child, how dare you speak nonsense in front of me, if it wasn’t for Supreme Sanqing, I would definitely kill you!”

charlie also sneered, “Oh, since you believe in Supreme Sanqing , then you are a Taoist priest. If you don’t practice martial arts and Taoism in Taoist temples, what are you doing here? What’s the difference between your priest? Although I don’t believe in your family’s Supreme Sanqing, I’m still ashamed of them! It’s really embarrassing for you to come out of a thousand-year-old Taoist sect!” “You!” Hong Tianshi was

arrogant Yes, over the years, by virtue of his ability to refine some low-level elixirs that can enhance true energy,He has become a well-known Taoist master, and countless people from the Taoist sect pay homage to him, and many top rich Chinese have also become his followers, offering him a large amount of incense money. It can be said that he is like the existence of stars and moons .

But he never expected that a kid who seemed to have no real energy at all, and who didn’t even enter the martial arts school, would dare to talk nonsense in front of him, and belittle himself to nothing!


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