The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5522

In his opinion, it was very simple to kill charlie by himself, but just one punch could beat his brains apart.

However, how to end after the fight has become very troublesome.

Once he became a wanted criminal in Aurous Hill, how could he find the whereabouts of Huichun Pill with peace of mind here? !

Moreover, the reason why I want Dr. Simmons’s Serene Medical Clinic is because after many inquiries, I learned that Dr. Simmons of Serene Medical Clinic is the most famous Chinese doctor in Aurous Hill, and there are rumors that he once cured a paraplegic with a kind of magic medicine. Patient, it’s amazing.

At that moment, he realized that if this matter was true, then Dr. Simmons probably had the same elixir as Stefanie sun.

However, he pretended to be a patient a few times before and came to try it out, but found that although Dr. Simmons had good medical skills in Chinese medicine, he was not proficient in the way of alchemy, so it was impossible for him to refine the elixir that turned decay into magic.

So, he moved his crooked mind.

He wanted to use aggressive methods to force Dr. Simmons to compete with himself in medical skills, and then designed him to lose Ji Shitang to himself.

In this way, if there are capable people behind Dr. Simmons, they might be able to attract capable people.

If Dr. Simmons didn’t have a capable person behind him, then he would be famous in Aurous Hill if he beat him in medical skills and occupied his Serene Medical Clinic.

With fame, there is also the capital to quickly gain a foothold in Aurous Hill.

And he is very clear that whether it is medical skills or metaphysics, top talents in these two fields will become the objects of pursuit of the rich and powerful.

Once he replaces Dr. Simmons, he will inevitably become a highly sought-after genius doctor in the eyes of Aurous Hill’s dignitaries, and this will also facilitate his quick integration into Aurous Hill’s upper class society, and it will also be convenient for him to inquire about news.

It is precisely because of this that Ji Shitang has become the first battle that he is determined to win in his eyes.

Although charlie in front of him is arrogant, Hong Tianshi doesn’t think charlie will be the capable person behind Dr. Simmons, but just regards him as a clown.

Right now, this jumping beam clown kept jumping in front of him, really annoyed, but he couldn’t hit him, so he said with a dark face, “Boy, do you know, I have never had anyone in my life who dared to do that like you!” Talk to me?”

charlie curled his lips, “Put a feather duster in your husky’s a*s, pretend to be a f*cking wolf with a big tail, if you want to pretend to be aggressive, go out to the Xuanwu police station across the road, don’t f*cking upset me here.” “You

! “Hong Tianshi was furious again and raised his hand to hit him, but when he heard that the police station was on the opposite side, he could only forcibly dispel his impulse. With nowhere to vent his anger, he jumped around in place, gnashing his teeth and said, “Boy, what the hell are you doing?” Who, why are you humiliating this old man over and over again?! In all fairness, even if you are not afraid of this old man’s strength, you still have to show some face to this old man when you look at his age!

” He ran up to me like a wild dog and yelled at me, and asked me to show you face, who the hell do I know you are?”

After finishing speaking, charlie said again, “Come on, tell me what your last name, name, and where you live Come, where are you going!”

“I…” Hong Tianshi’s fists were rattling with anger, and his body was shaking like a Parkinson’s patient, he gritted his teeth and said, “My name is Hong Changqing! Dao name Changqing Sanren! In North America, everyone respectfully calls me Hong Tianshi!”


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