The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5523

charlie curled his lips, looked him up and down, and asked, “Just you, Hong Tianshi?”

Hong Changqing gritted his teeth and said, “That’s right! Hong Tianshi is the old man!”

charlie smacked his lips and said, “Oh, everyone calls me Master Wade , but your name is Hong Tianshi, I am the big, you are the sky, you are more than me, so in this sense you are stronger than me?” Hong Changqing thought that charlie was still deliberately mocking him, and said angrily, “

Boy, You are really eloquent! But I am not in the mood to talk nonsense with you now! I came here today to find Dr. Simmons, where is he, let him come out and talk to me!” As soon as he finished speaking, Xyla ran in quickly


While running, she said to charlie, “Master Wade, I have done everything you asked me to do!”

Hong Changqing looked at Xyla, and immediately asked, “Girl! Where is your grandfather?! Why did you say you were willing to gamble yesterday?” Admit defeat, I will be a turtle today!”

Xyla snorted, “Old scoundrel, my grandfather is not a turtle! If you want to talk about a turtle, it has to be you! You are that old turtle who desperately sticks his head out to bite someone “

“You…” Thinking of Xyla’s description, Hong Changqing turned pale with anger, and cursed angrily, “Okay! If Dr. Simmons doesn’t come out, I’ll take his plaque off myself!” charlie immediately stopped him, “Wait

! The old thing is really stinky and shameless. What are you, you dare to come to other people’s clinics to pick up other people’s plaques? Are you a bandit?” Hong Changqing said coldly, “He, Dr. Simmons, lost this Serene Medical Clinic

yesterday Does he want to break his promise?”

charlie pouted and said, “Oh, I’m afraid you don’t know the law, you old man? In such a medical clinic, even the decoration of the house and the furnishings inside, at least If you say that others lost millions to you, then you are gambling illegally!” After finishing speaking, he

immediately said to Xyla, “Xyla, call 110 now, I want to see What did the police say!”

Hong Changqing became anxious, stomping his feet and said, “You…you are clearly playing a rascal!”

charlie sneered and said, “I’m not playing a rogue, you made the bet yourself! What’s more, I didn’t see how you bet. Do you have any witnesses?” Hong Changqing said coldly, “Of course I have witnesses. I saw a doctor here yesterday

. All of them are my witnesses! Among them are the women who volunteered to be our test subjects when I competed with Dr. Simmons, and she can also prove it!”

charlie asked again, “Then tell me what you are all compared to. “

Hong Changqing said arrogantly, “Compare the pulse! Who can determine the age of the other party in the first competition, and who can be accurate in the second competition…” Before

he could finish speaking, charlie interrupted him and blurted out, “Okay, okay, Don’t talk about it, just talk about the first point, I’m curious, how do you set the rules for comparing the age of your pulse?” Hong Changqing

said coldly, “The rule is that the two of us will take the pulse of the woman together, and then use the pulse Write down the date of birth on a piece of paper, and ask the woman to take out her ID card to see whoever writes the date closest to the woman’s actual date of birth will win!” charlie nodded and asked again,

” What about the specific results of your date yesterday?”

Hong Changqing immediately said loudly, “Yesterday I reported that the woman was born on August 8, 1966, and Dr. Simmons reported that the woman was born on March 1, 1967. Finally, the identity of the woman The date of birth on the certificate is August 15, 1966! It’s only a week away from the date I issued!” Charlie

frowned and asked, “Are you so awesome? The pulse can be used to record the other party’s birthday, and the error is only seven days “

Hong Changqing snorted and said with a smile, “The frog in the well, the old man can tell you a lot!”

charlie curled his lips, stretched out his hand to him, and said, “Come on, take my pulse and see what year and month my birthday is. Day! I can tell you in advance, if the error exceeds seven days, you be careful I will slap you in the face!”


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