The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5533

Refining medicine, in some respects, is very similar to iron smelting.

If it’s just refining medicine with spiritual energy, it’s like the ancients smelting iron. Although high-calorie charcoal is used with a bellows, it can barely reach the temperature required for iron smelting, but because the temperature is not enough, the quality of the smelted iron is below the high temperature of modern industry. In front of the blast furnace, it was still a lot worse.

And this medicine cauldron is equivalent to a blast furnace in modern iron smelting!

The same iron ore, if the most primitive method is used, can only make some swords, but if it is smelted from modern blast furnaces, it can be used to make aircraft, cannons, and even aircraft carriers.

Moreover, to make alchemy with bare hands, you can only refine some low-grade pills. Once you reach the middle and high grades, you must have a medicine cauldron to refine them. Therefore, this thing is also of great significance to charlie’s future development!

At this time, charlie was naturally very happy.

However, he was also a little curious. This Hong Changqing was just a Taoist priest who practiced martial arts and had no aura at all. How could he use this medicine cauldron to refine medicine?

Thinking of this, charlie couldn’t help asking, “Master Hong, I’m curious to ask you, what do you usually use this thing for?”

Hong Changqing’s eyes stared straight at the medicine cauldron, Eyes full of reluctance and pain, he muttered in his mouth, “I usually use this medicine cauldron to make some decoctions, or elixir for beginners.

” How do you use this medicine cauldron?”

Hong Changqing explained, “It is to add some charcoal fire to the bottom of the medicine cauldron, then pour the medicinal materials and water into the medicine cauldron, and boil it with a slow fire…in fact, it is like cooking in a casserole. Chinese medicine is the same principle…”

“Use charcoal fire?” charlie was stunned, and flipped over the three-legged medicine cauldron, and sure enough, he saw traces of being blackened by charcoal fire at the bottom, and it seemed that it was no longer smoked by charcoal fire. Years, decades, maybe even centuries.

charlie couldn’t help thinking to himself, “Damn it, Taizhen said thisHelping a foolish Taoist priest to burn a magic weapon with charcoal fire is really reckless! “

Thinking of this, charlie asked again, “Could it be that your too-true patriarchs all use this medicinal cauldron with charcoal fire to make alchemy?” “

” Yes. “Hong Changqing said subconsciously,” the medicine cauldron was originally used in this way. If this medicinal material is boiled with fire without adding water, how can there be any other way to refine it into a elixir? Is it possible to use the three flavors mentioned in the myth to be really hot? “

charlie couldn’t help laughing.

It seems that Taizhen Dao got this medicine cauldron by accident, and he didn’t know how to use it. From

this, it can be seen that Taizhen Dao has a history of thousands of years. There are so many generations, no one can master the spiritual energy, it is indeed a bit sad to think about it.

However, charlie couldn’t help but wonder in his heart, “Since so many people in Taizhen Dao don’t know the actual usage of this medicine cauldron, why did they use this medicine cauldron to use it?” Is the medicine cauldron regarded as the treasure of the town school? Thinking of this

, charlie deliberately asked Hong Changqing, “What’s the difference between a medicine cauldron like yours and the casserole used by ordinary people to cook medicine?” You say it is beautiful, it is not extremely beautiful in the copper ware, you say it has other cultural value, there is not even a model on it, even if it is old, it cannot be sold at a high price , why do you still treat it as a town treasure? Is there any secret in it that outsiders don’t know? “

“This…” Hong Changqing didn’t want to say it at first, because it was the secret of the sect

after all. Mystery… I might as well have a real relationship with this bastard surnamed wade, maybe I can get some preferential treatment from him…”

Thinking of this, he immediately blurted out, “Master Wade, the magical power of this medicine cauldron The advantage is not simply to cook medicine! What’s more, you take the same prescription, the same medicinal materials, and the same amount of medicine, and boil it together with other vessels. The medicine cooked with it will be more effective than medicine cooked in other vessels , Make a strong move! “


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