The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5534

Hearing Hong Changqing’s answer, charlie couldn’t help but asked curiously, “If you boil the medicine with a slow fire, it will be more effective than other medicines?” “Yes!”

Hong Changqing nodded repeatedly, explaining, “And this kind of strong It’s very amazing, whether you use it to make soup or medicine, or use it to boil medicinal paste to make pills, it can make your final medicine more powerful!” After speaking, Hong Changqing said again, “For example, I am

now Create a prescription, this prescription can nourish yin and nourish yang, and make a man regain his glory. If it is boiled in an ordinary casserole, it may take three days and nine medicines to take effect. It takes six doses in two days to have the same effect.”

Hong Changqing was a little excited when he said this, and explained with enthusiasm, “This is not the most important thing, the most important thing is that the properties of this medicine will also undergo a qualitative change!” “

We Take those men in their seventies and eighties as an example. If the same prescription is not brewed with this medicinal cauldron, even if he drinks it for a month, he can at most be able to sing every night, but the quality of this night singing is to revitalize At this speed of Xiongfeng, he can only reach 60 points, that is, barely pass;” “

However, if he drinks the medicine brewed from this medicine cauldron, not only can he sing songs every night, but the level of his revival of Xiongfeng, It can reach seventy points, or even seventy-five points! This is very powerful! It not only concentrates the effect of the medicine, but also sublimates the effect of the medicine.”

Xyla, who was on the side, could not help but blush when he heard his serious introduction. , couldn’t help spitting in a low voice, “Bah! The obscene monk is evil! I’m not respectful for the old!”

Hong Changqing was embarrassed all of a sudden, and he quickly explained, “Everyone… I don’t mean anything else, just make a random analogy… …”

charlie knows people like Hong Changqing, although he is very powerful and a Taoist disciple, but he is actually very worldly, he only wants to use what he has learned to cater to the rich and powerful, just like those who are keen to serve the rich and famous. It is the same as the so-called eminent monk who preaches.

On weekdays, he must be in contact with wealthy and nobles. After these wealthy and nobles have reached the peak of their material life, they will definitely enter the kind of life where people seek youth when they are old, health when they are sick, prosperity when they are impotent, and rebirth after death. stage, and a person like Hong Changqing is an expert who can meet their needs to a certain extent, so he must have some means in this regard.

However, charlie doesn’t care about these things. What he cares about is that this medicinal cauldron can improve the effect to a certain extent by boiling the medicine with a slow fire. It must be that its magic is not only in the internal formation, but also in its special material .

If that’s the case, wouldn’t he be able to get the double blessing of materials and formations if he used spiritual energy to refine medicine?

Thinking of this, charlie became even more excited. Seeing Hong Changqing’s submissive appearance, he was not as disgusted as before, so he asked him, “By the way, what do you usually serve for those powerful people?” Hong Changqing said truthfully, “Return to Master

wade , the ones that can be lowered are nothing more than curing diseases of the living, saving the dead, strengthening the body, self-cultivation, feng shui secrets, fortune-telling and dream interpretation. Thanks to this medicinal cauldron and the prescriptions left by the masters of Taizhen Dao, the refined medicine is still somewhat famous in the powerful circles, so over time, it has been mixed up with the name of a celestial master…” charlie

nodded , asked, “I heard that you are acquainted with the An family in the United States?”

Hong Changqing said without hesitation, “Yes… the old lady of the An family began to convert to Taoism 20 years ago. It was introduced by one of my clients at that time, and she became a Taoist Taoist.


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