The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5535

In addition to often preaching for her deceased daughter and son-in-law, she often asked me to help with divination, as if she wanted to find out the whereabouts of her grandson…” charlie was startled, and couldn’t help but feel a little moved, and immediately asked him “

” Did you divination for her?”

“Divination…” Hong Changqing said awkwardly, “I am also proficient in divination, but it is really strange that her grandson’s name is combined with the horoscope of birth date. …”

When charlie heard this, he couldn’t help shaking his head secretly. Even Orion Exeor, who has studied Fengshui all his life, couldn’t figure out his own information, not to mention Hong Changqing, a half-hearted Taoist priest. Grandma thought he was deceived by his title of Hong Tianshi. I thought he was really some kind of extraterrestrial expert.

But from charlie’s objective point of view, Hong Changqing is indeed a master. In the Taoist temple, this person has to learn Taoism, manage Taoism, and practice martial arts hard. But even so, he can not only achieve The strength of the eight-star warrior, he can also master certain medical skills and divination techniques, and he even managed a signboard of “Hong Tianshi” for himself, which is enough to prove that he is a very smart and talented person.

If you were a person of other martial arts, even if you spent all your life practicing martial arts, it would be impossible to reach the height of an eight-star martial artist.

At this time, Hong Changqing thought that charlie asked about An’s family, and then recalled that Stefanie sun took the elixir he gave to save the old man of An’s family, so he thought that he wanted to make friends with An’s family, so he hurriedly said “Master wade, An’s family The old lady talked with me on the phone a few days ago, and she said that she will come to Aurous Hill in a while, if you want to get to know An’s family, I can help you get started.” charlie frowned, “You

said Mrs. An wants to come to Aurous Hill?”

“Yes.” Hong Changqing said, “Not only the old lady, but also the old man and other members of the An family will also come, anyway, the old lady said so on the phone, and she knew that I was one step ahead Come to Aurous Hill, so please say hello to me and ask me where I am in Aurous Hill Did you find anything. “

Speaking of this, Hong Changqing suddenly thought of something, and suddenly realized, “Oh, oh, oh! It’s Meng Lang! With Master wade’s supernatural powers, if you want to get to know the An family, you don’t need my help… I guess the An family came to Aurous Hill just to find you. After all, it was your elixir that saved the old man’s life! There is a high probability that they came to Aurous Hill to repay your favor! “

charlie’s heart suddenly became entangled.

He also knew very well that if grandpa and grandma came to Aurous Hill, their purpose must be to find him.

However, Hong Changqing didn’t understand the details. He didn’t know that he had three identities with the An family.

The first The identity is naturally the grandson of the An family;

the second identity is the lifesaver of the An family at Stefanie sun’s concert;

and the third is the real owner of the blood-scattering and heart-saving pill.

Hong Changqing thought that the An family was the first person who came to find him. Three identities, but charlie is very clear that if grandparents want to come to Aurous Hill, they must come for their first identities!

They must want to start from Aurous Hill and find their whereabouts again.

Thinking of this, charlie can’t help but feel a little nervous

He is not ready to recognize his grandparents’ family.

What’s more, the Poqing Society’s enemies are ahead, and he doesn’t want to cause trouble before that. He

has just started to touch the peripheral forces of the Poqing Society, and he still He did not follow the copper mines in Cyprus and the smelters in Turkey upstream.

At this time, charlie hopes to develop in Aurous Hill in a low-key way, while improving his own strength and influence.

If Anjia came to him at this time On the one hand, it is very possible to find their own clues in Aurous Hill, on the other hand, this move of theirs will definitely attract the attention of the Po Qinghui ( Benn )!


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