The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5537

” They should not come to Aurous Hill in the near future!”

Hong Changqing nodded, connected the phone, and at the same time turned on the loudspeaker very tactfully.

On the phone,charlie’s Grandma voice came, and she asked anxiously, “Tianshi Hong, you just said in the message that there is a bad omen for our trip to Aurous Hill. I don’t know what the situation is?” Hong Changqing could only talk

nonsense Get up, “I watched the stars at night and made a fortune telling for An’s family. The divination shows that Aurous Hill is a great evil to An’s family, so let me tell you quickly that it’s best not to come here in the near future.”

Mrs. An thought for a moment, and said seriously, “Tianshi Hong, the An family is already preparing to go to Aurous Hill. This trip to Aurous Hill is to find my grandson who has been missing for 20 years. I think he disappeared in Aurous Hill back then. So now we decided to start from this year and start over a little bit, so we have to go to this elf, I wonder if Hong Tianshi can solve this disaster?” Hong Changqing looked at charlie awkwardly, and then said bravely,

” Madam, it’s not that Mr. Hong is not good at learning, it’s just that the ominous omen you encountered this time is too strong to be resolved by Mr. Hong…”

Mrs. An fell silent.

Hong Changqing hurriedly hit the railway again while it was hot, “Mrs. An, in Hong’s opinion, the best way for you now is to temporarily put aside your plan to come to Aurous Hill and wait for a while to see the situation. Hong will continue to help you here.” According to divination calculations, once the fortune changes, someone Hong will definitely notify you as soon as possible!” The

old lady An on the other end of the phone said, “The old lady appreciates Hong Tianshi’s kindness, but Aurous Hill, An’s family is still going.”

Hong Changqing quickly Said, “Madam An, you must consider this matter carefully!”

The old lady An smiled and said seriously.Said, “To tell you the truth, some time ago, the An family experienced an unprecedented crisis in the United States. Fortunately, a benefactor came forward and saved the lives of everyone in the An family. That crisis was buried in the An family many years ago.” A time bomb will explode sooner or later, but it happened at my grandson’s fiancée’s concert. Thanks to her, our family was saved by a benefactor. Give me luck, we went to Aurous Hill this time to find him, and I believe he will also protect us from danger.” “

This…” Hong Changqing suddenly didn’t know how to continue persuading, because he could tell that the old lady Although he said these words with a smile, his tone was very firm, and he definitely couldn’t be persuaded by just a few words.

So, he looked at charlie with an inquiring look, wondering if charlie could do anything, or if he had any new instructions.

Hearing what grandma said at this time, charlie couldn’t help sighing silently, and then waved to Hong Changqing, signaling to let it go.

Hong Changqing then said to the old lady, “Mrs. An, since you insist, then Hong will stop dissuading you. When you all arrive in Aurous Hill, don’t forget to contact Hong!” “Okay!” The old

lady He smiled and said, “Then Hong Tianshi, let’s meet in Aurous Hill.”

Hong Changqing repeatedly said, “Okay old lady, see you in Aurous Hill!”

After hanging up the phone, Hong Changqing said helplessly, “Master Wade, I really did my best…”

charlie waved his hand and said lightly, “It’s okay, I don’t blame you.”

After finishing speaking, charlie looked at Hong Changqing and asked him, “I don’t know what Hong Tianshi is planning now? You wanted to find me and now I have found it, shouldn’t you?” Ready to go back to America?”


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  1. Linda Edwards

    Thanks for these four chapters of the amazing son in law. Please send more chapters beginning with 5538. Thanks 😊

  2. Will Charlie reveal his secret to his grandma when she arrives in as Aurous Hill. More chapters please and thank you.

  3. Lets not waste no more time here.
    Call Liam and get some medicine material
    Lets cook.I
    Up some super strength antidotes for the dead soldiers and the rest to give out his close family n friends in the event something happen to them.
    Give grandpa An the rejuvenation pill and go get that PO skin family
    And have some Charlie juniors with Nananko n lets live happily ever after

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