The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5540

Although the improvement is limited, it is better than nothing; “

“There were still five of this pill when it was passed to me, but I claimed that there were only three of them. In fact, I ate three of them myself. The other one was sold to a rich man to save his life a few years ago, and it really played a role. The effect of the medicine is to cure the disease, so I also gave this life extension pill some fame. The last one was when your grandfather was seriously ill. I took it for him, butIt may be that your grandfather is too sick, so it didn’t work. “

charlie nodded lightly. Although he hadn’t seen what his Life-Extending Pill was, it was speculated that the efficacy of the medicine was much worse than that of his own Sanxue Jiuxin Pill, and it was even worse than Huichun Pill. So

, he asked Hong Changqing, “Hong Tianshi, would you like to be loyal to me from today? If you are willing, I will naturally not treat you badly.

When Hong Changqing heard this, he immediately said ecstatically, “I am willing! ” In the next ten thousand willing!

After finishing speaking, he immediately knelt on the ground and said respectfully, “Master Wade, I, Hong Changqing, wish to follow you and be loyal to you for life and death. If there is any betrayal, the sky will be struck by lightning! ” “

At this time, Hong Changqing has realized that charlie is much stronger than himself. From this point alone, it is worth following. What’s more,

charlie still has a more powerful medicine in his body, and the effect of the medicine may be five or five. The life-sustaining pill that is ten times larger than his own is more than that. Not

only that, charlie is also the grandson of the An family, and his background is also very strong.

Therefore, no matter how you look at it, charlie is the strongest among the strong.

Hong Changqing couldn’t help but think to himself, ” If I really want to be a dog’s leg, I have to be the dog’s leg of a real boss like charlie. With such a big man, I still have to worry about my cultivation base not being able to break through?

Seeing his pious attitude, charlie nodded slightly, and said calmly, “Since you are willing, you will stay in Aurous Hill to listen to my orders from now on. ” “

Hong Changqing knelt on the ground and said excitedly, “My subordinate Hong Changqing, Master Wade is the only one who will see everything!” “

charlie nodded and smiled, took out a blood-scattering heart-saving pill from his pocket, handed it to him, and wrote lightly, “You take this pill, go back to your temporary residence, take it and refine the medicinal power, I think You are already in the final stage of an eight-star martial artist, and this elixir will definitely help you enter the Great Perfection of the Ming Realm! “


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