The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5541

Hearing charlie’s words, Hong Changqing felt as if struck by lightning, and was speechless in a daze.

After a long while, he asked charlie with an expression of disbelief, “…Master Wade…this… this pill can make me enter the Great Consummation of the Ming Realm?!”

charlie nodded and said lightly, “Based on your present The effect of this pill is enough to allow you to achieve a breakthrough.”

Hong Changqing still couldn’t believe it, and asked in surprise, “What kind of pill is this, it can be so magical?”

charlie smiled and said, “This is blood scattering. You should have seen the Heart-saving Pill.”

Hong Changqing asked in horror, “Master Wade… this… this is… the blood-scattering and heart-saving pill that saved your grandfather that day? This medicine is called a panacea. Are you really going to give it to me?!”

On that day, Hong Changqing settled down at home and witnessed the power of Sanxue Jiuxin Pill to bring the dead back to life.

After all, he has taken the life-extending pill of the master, and he has also seen the huge difference between the life-sustaining pill and the Sanxue Jiuxin pill that Mr. An took.

Therefore, he knew very well in his heart that the strength of the Scattering Blood Rescue Heart Pill might be ten or dozens of times stronger than his master’s Life-Extending Pill.

And this is also the biggest driving force for him to travel thousands of miles to Aurous Hill.

But he never thought that the first time he met charlie, charlie would simply give him such a precious elixir, and the last second because he set up a trick for Dr. Simmons, and He was caught by charlie.

So, he tentatively asked nervously, “Master Wade…why did you send such a valuable elixir to

your subordinates ?” Let’s take this pill as a gift from me.”

Hong Changqing was apprehensive, but he found that charlie’s expression was serious, and he didn’t seem to be joking with him, so he became very excited again.

This blood-dispersing and heart-saving pill is of great significance to him.

In the past two hundred years of Taizhen Dao, no one has been able to break through the eight-star martial artist and enter the Great Perfection of the Bright Realm, let alone step into the Dark Realm.

Therefore, he also once thought that he might be the same as the masters, and he would not be able to enter the Ming Realm Dzogchen in this life.

But now, charlie told him that he only needed such a elixir to achieve a breakthrough, which made him ecstatic!

So, he took the elixir respectfully with both hands, and said in an extremely reverent tone, “Master Wade, your great kindness, I will never forget it!”

charlie waved his hand slightly, and said, “Okay, you don’t have to.” Be polite to me here, hurry up and take the elixir and go back to the place where you live and concentrate on breaking through. After the breakthrough, come to Serene Medical Clinic to find Miracle Doctor Shi and report to Shi Miracle Doctor.” The reason why Hong Changqing was asked to come to Serene Medical Clinic to report to Dr. Simmons is

that To put him under Dr. Simmons for the time being, on the one hand, it would frustrate Hong Changqing’s eight-star martial artist, and on the other hand, it would also give Dr. Simmons a step up.

Hong Changqing also knew that charlie had his own considerations, so he immediately said without hesitation, “My subordinates obey!”

Immediately, he looked at Dr. Simmons very ashamedly, and said, “Shi Miracle Doctor, the previous competitions were just a little trick of my subordinates. , your medical skills are definitely far superior to that of Hong. My previous behavior is really out of line, and I hope you don’t see me like me!”


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