The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5547

It sounds like something important is going on. So, she said without hesitation, “Okay, Mr. Wade

, come here if you leave!

, drove towards the suburbs.

Half an hour later, she drove the car to the door of charlie’s hot spring villa in Champs Elysees.

Just as Xion was about to get out of the car and ring the doorbell outside the yard, the door opened from the inside. charlie appeared at the door, beckoning to her with a somewhat anxious expression.

Xion knew that charlie asked him to drive in directly, so he drove into the yard.

As soon as Xion got out of the car, charlie pulled her into the car and walked quickly, saying, “I need your help with something important. I don’t know how long it will take. Let’s hurry up.”

Being pulled by charlie, Xion suddenly felt shy and shy in a hurry, thinking to herself, “Mr. Wade probably wants to be with me… oh… Xion, what are you thinking…” She didn’t

know What exactly did charlie want him to do, but he couldn’t help thinking wildly in his heart, thinking that no matter what charlie asked him to do, he would not hesitate at all, even if there were some excessive demands, he would not hesitate at all.

And what charlie was thinking at this time was all about the golden blood-scattering heart-saving pill that he had just refined half an hour ago.

He couldn’t wait to pull Xion all the time, and the two walked quickly to the basement of the villa. This journey made Xion beat faster and felt extremely ashamed.

However, when Xion entered the basement where charlie made medicine, she immediately smelled a very unique medicinal fragrance. This medicinal fragrance is much more

mellow than any medicinal fragrance she has ever smelled before. , gave her the feeling that the scent of medicine she had smelled before was like blended liquor with a price of less than 100 yuan, but the smell she smelled now was a high-end wine brewed from real pure grains and stored and aged for many years. white wine, tasteIn comparison, it’s almost every day.

Smelling this medicinal fragrance seems to make people get rid of all diseases and feel happy physically and mentally.

At this time, charlie suddenly handed a golden elixir to her hand, and said, “Xion, help me try this elixir.”

Xion looked at the elixir in front of her. , slightly startled, and subconsciously asked, “Mr. Wade, what is this pill for? Is it a new medicine?”

charlie pursed his lips, and said hesitantly, “Yes, no, I just took one, but it didn’t feel right. It’s so accurate, so I want you to try it for me.”

Xion said hastily, “Mr. Wade, Ruoli has already taken a lot of your priceless pills, and just became a five-star warrior a while ago, how can you do it now? Wasting your elixir…”

charlie said seriously, “The elixir is made to be eaten by others, as long as it is eaten, there is no waste or waste, not to mention, this is not something you owe me , I am asking for your help. To me, this kind of elixir seems to have developed a drug resistance. I can’t taste its real effect after taking it now. I want to know whether it has any effect and how much effect it has. , I still have to let the warriors come to test the efficacy of the medicine. In terms of warriors, the warrior I trust the most is you, so I can only ask you to come over and try it out.” charlie knew that Xion didn’t know that he had a new one

. I don’t know that the medicine’s effect is much stronger than the previous Sanxue Jiuxin Pill, so I deliberately said, “What’s more, whether this medicine is effective or not, in case there are any side effects, It might even hurt you, but you don’t have to worry, I will be by your side to protect you.” When

Xion heard this, she said without hesitation, “Mr. Wade, with you here, I will not be afraid of you!”


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