The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5549

While trying her best to transform her inner energy, she couldn’t help exclaiming secretly, “What kind of medicine did Mr. Wade give me…why does it have such a powerful effect…I am now…a seven-star warrior…this… …Is this too fast?!”

Immediately afterwards, she also felt the change of the eighth meridian, and she was even more secretly shocked, “This…is the eighth meridian also to be broken?!” At this time,

that The surging medicinal power is like a volcanic magma that is about to erupt, continuously accumulating energy in the crater, ready to go.

And the crater obviously couldn’t suppress the surging energy, it kept trembling and cracking, and it seemed that it would be completely washed away anytime, anywhere.

charlie was also a little excited, he was always observing Xion’s situation, waiting for her eighth meridian to open up.

At this moment, the surging medicinal power suddenly spewed out from her blocked eighth meridian!

At this moment, Xion’s entire state and aura even underwent an earth-shaking change!

It was also at this moment that she officially entered the rank of eight-star warrior! The eight meridians in the body have all been opened up!

At this point, the powerful medicinal power finally showed signs of weakening, and was gradually digested by Xion’s body, slowly returning to calm.

Xion opened his eyes, feeling that he had just undergone a reborn change. The eight-star martial artist’s senses had obviously improved a few floors. Xion couldn’t believe it was real because of the sudden enlightenment.

charlie knew that Xion would definitely not be able to accept it immediately, so he didn’t rush to rush.Wait for Xion to get used to it.

Xion was a little sober at this time. Seeing charlie looking at her with a smile, she couldn’t wait to ask him, “Mr. Wade, what kind of medicine is this? It has such a powerful effect. The eight meridians in my body seem to be all Got it through!”

charlie smiled slightly, “It doesn’t seem like it’s true, it’s all done, congratulations, you’ve become an eight-star warrior now.” Surprised and

delighted, Xion couldn’t help saying, “This is too amazing… a Many months ago, I was only a three-star warrior, and I broke through to five-star and even eight-star one after another… Xion never dared to imagine that one day I would become an eight-star warrior…” After finishing speaking, she turned

back Come on, he knelt on the ground, looked at charlie, and said respectfully, “Xion is able to have today, everything is because of Mr. Wade’s support! Your great kindness, Xion, I am grateful! In this life, as long as Xion is still alive in this world, and Xion will definitely go through fire and water for Mr. Wade, in order to repay Mr. Wade’s kindness!”

charlie stretched out his hand to help her up, and said, “Xion, wait until your parents’ wedding is over. , in the next period of time, you need to consolidate your cultivation. You have improved too fast recently. Although your hard power has reached the level of an eight-star warrior, your mentality, actual combat experience, and control of the true energy in your body, etc. These soft powers are far from reaching the height of an eight-star warrior.”

Xion suppressed her excitement, and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry! When my parents’ wedding is over, I will definitely practice in seclusion. For a while!”

“Okay!” charlie nodded in satisfaction, and said, “At that time, you will concentrate on retreat in the Elms family’s villa, and after you have solidified the foundation of the eight-star warrior, I will help you break through the Great Consummation of the Ming Realm , until you become a master of the dark realm!”


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