The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5552

charlie nodded Said, “Tell me.”

Xion said, “Mr. Wade, is it more appropriate for this kind of cultivation base to be placed in the base of Wanlongdian in Syria? Wanlongdian has hundreds of ordinary kilometers of land there, and it is not subject to any restrictions.” Any control would be more convenient there.”

charlie smiled lightly, and explained, “It’s good to put it in Syria, but I’m too far away after all, I’m afraid I can’t take care of it, and it’s more suitable in Aurous Hill.” He said

, charlie said again, “However, I plan to take two steps for the time being. At that time, everyone will concentrate on closed-door training in Aurous Hill. After improving their cultivation, they will be sent to Syria for closed-door training immediately, and they will also receive modern military training there.” 

Xion asked in surprise, “Do you want them to receive military training?”

“That’s right.” charlie said seriously, “Although martial arts masters are rare, many martial arts masters have no power to fight back in front of modern weapons. The masters trained must not only be strong, but also proficient in modern weapons. Only by working together can their combat skills be improved.Maximize fighting power. “

On the way back to downtown Aurous Hill, charlie called Abbas in order to prepare for the construction of the Huben Camp. The call was

connected, and Abbas respectfully asked, “Mr. What order? “

charlie said, “Abbas, I want to build a high-secret training center in the base of Wanlongdian, and you will start to organize it in the near future. “

Abbas quickly asked, “Mr. Wade, what requirements do you have for the training center?” “

charlie said, “First of all, the level of confidentiality must be high enough. Even inside the base of Wanlong Palace, it must be absolutely confidential. It is best to build it completely underground;” Abbas said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, this is

good Well, the base of Wanlongdian originally has many underground parts, some of which have some high-level three-defense designs. You can see how much area you need and what functions you need to achieve. I will arrange the rest! “

Secondly, at least 10,000 square meters of construction area is required, at least 20 or 30 people can be guaranteed to practice and live here in isolation at the same time, even if they don’t come out for a year, there will be no problem at all. “

Abbas immediately said, “No problem, I will build corresponding life support hardware to ensure that it meets your requirements.

charlie asked him, “When will the project be completed? ” “

Abbas replied, “Mr. Wade, we are currently working overtime on construction, and the entire base should be fully operational next year. I will try my best to complete the 10,000 square meters you requested by the end of this year!” “

” Good. “charlie said with satisfaction,” there is still a task for you during this time. “

Abbas hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, please do not hesitate to order, the subordinates will definitely go all out!” “

charlie said, “I want you to conduct a private comprehensive assessment inside the Wanlong Palace. You can choose by yourself and choose 30 core members with the strongest strength, the best understanding, and the highest loyalty. Submit the list to me. “

Abbas said without hesitation, “Good Mr. Wade!”


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