The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5557

Seven o’clock in the morning.

Zayne’s wedding team set off on time to pick up the bride at Elms’s villa.

Today is a big day, there are hundreds of wedding couples in Aurous Hill City, like long steel dragons, shuttling through the streets and alleys of Aurous Hill.

When Zayne’s convoy arrived outside the gate of Elms family on time, the younger generation of the Elms family and the female relatives welcomed the Banks family headed by Zayne into the door, and Zayne went straight to Kairi’s wedding room holding flowers.

Since both Zayne and Kairi are over 50 years old, their marriage reception scene was not as lively as those young people. The Elms family did not block the door, and the Banks family did not make a fuss. Everyone looked at Zayne with blessed smiles. He walked up to Kairi step by step.

Kairi on the wedding bed was wearing a red Xiuhe wedding gown. Although there were some traces of time on her face, she was still glamorous.

In contrast, Zayne had a lot of misfortune and ups and downs during this period, and his face already had more wrinkles from the vicissitudes of life.

Xion, who was wearing a bridesmaid dress, saw her father come in holding flowers, and hurriedly said, “Dad, I hid mother’s shoes behind the door!” Kairi couldn’t help teasing her, “Xion, you are really looking after your father

. Forget about the door, why don’t you let him look for the shoes?”

Xion said with a smile, “Mom, I wish I could just put the shoes in Dad’s hands, so that you can pray to the world!”

For Xion, she Knowing that it is not easy for her parents to get together, she has experienced too many hardships in the past 20 years. Under such circumstances, all she wants is to let the two get married as soon as possible, and the sooner the better.

Kairi naturally knew her daughter’s intentions, and couldn’t help but gently embraced Xion, and gently pressed her forehead to hers, tears fell into her eye sockets, and she forcibly endured it back.

Xion closed her eyes slightly, but felt her eye sockets were very hot, feeling her mother’s love with her heart, and remained motionless.

Although no one spoke between the two, the deep love between mother and daughter made even outsiders feel deeply moved when they saw it.

Seeing this scene, Zayne was also filled with emotion.

He finally understood what it was like to marry a woman who loved him.


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