The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5559

Fitz patted his father lightly on the back, Zayne controlled his tears, raised his head again, and saw his son pointing to the flowers in his hand. He came back to his senses, quickly knelt down on one knee, held flowers in front of Kairi

with both hands, and said loudly, “My wife, marry me!”

They all echoed loudly and kept shouting to marry him.

Kairi couldn’t bear the tears, so she nodded with a smile while shedding tears, and also said loudly, “Okay!”

Afterwards, he reached out and took the bouquet of flowers.

Although it was just a formality, Zayne still grinned happily. Xion who was

on the side quickly reminded, “Dad, quickly put on shoes for mom, and also for grandpa. Tea! 

Zayne nodded quickly, lifted the red quilt, and put the red shoes on Kairi’s feet. There was

cheering and cheering at the scene, and the young juniors of the Elms family even took out the fireworks shells they held in their hands, and blew them one after another.

Immediately , the couple came to the living room of the villa. Mr. Elms was already sitting on the sofa, waiting for his new son-in-law to offer tea and change his mind. Mr. Elms, who is about to marry his daughter, is in a particularly

happy mood today. Before his wife leaves, the most worrying thing is to lose a piece of Kairi with her arm, she felt that since her daughter became disabled and gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, it might be difficult to find a man who can accept her in the future. Even if there is a man who can accept her, it may be difficult to accept Xion.

Before she left, she told the old man that if Kairi gets married in the future and the man treats Xion badly, the Elms family must take Xion back, but don’t let Kairi divorce casually, because of her situation, she can find a man Marrying her is not easy.

However, how could she have imagined that her daughter still achieved the best result today. She regained the arm that had been lost for more than 20 years, and came together with the man she had loved for 30 years. Xion There is no need to recognize a strange man as a stepfather, because her biological parents have finally come together.

Thinking of this, the old man, who was originally elated, suddenly felt extremely sad.

When people surrounded Zayne and Kairi, a couple who were over half a century old, When the wedding room came out and was about to offer tea to the old man, he suddenly found that the old man was sitting on the sofa alone, like a child, crying so much that he couldn’t help himself…


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