The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5562

When charlie arrived at the hotel, Zayne and Kairi had already finished worshiping heaven and earth.

A couple of newlyweds rested in the room, and most of the others moved to the hanging garden to start preparing for the upcoming wedding.

charlie doesn’t like excitement, so he came directly to the Sky Garden, and Nanako Ito, sisters Zara and Xion happened to be here as well.

Since there are not too many guests, and outsiders are not allowed to enter the sky garden, the atmosphere here is not too noisy and lively.

As for the entire wedding scene, through the joint efforts of Xion and Ito Nanako, the whole atmosphere was solemn and full of warmth, and the flower arrangements prepared by Nanako were even more noble and elegant.

Today’s Nanako Ito specially put on a ceremonial kimono. When she saw charlie coming, she trotted up to charlie and said happily, “Mr. charlie, you are here!” charlie nodded and smiled, looking at the cloth

. Flowers filled the entire banquet hall, and she couldn’t help asking her with a bit of distress, “Did you prepare these flowers? It will take a long time?”

Ito Nanako said with a smile, “I inserted them, but there are still many servants who help me.” Let’s start, they are helping me to classify and correct the flower branches, otherwise I will definitely not be able to do it alone.” At

this time, Zara and Xion came to charlie, and Zara saw charlie and Ito Nanako chatted intimately, and I could see that charlie looked at Nanako Ito in a different way from other women, so he couldn’t help but feel a little bit pissed.

She is different from Xion, Xion grew up as an illegitimate daughter, and came to the Banks family as Zayne’s bodyguard when she was an adult, so she doesn’t have the arrogance that girls from big families have in their bones.

Although Zara is usually neither coquettish nor arrogant, but after all, she has been held in the hands of the Banks family since she was a child. Although her arrogance is not visible, it is all over her body, so she can’t help but feel bad, always thinking, why can Ito Nanako charlie treats him differently? She is the eldest lady of the Ito family, and her background is not inferior to her. Even the strength of the Banks family is much stronger than the Ito family. Who is not a young lady who has been well-clothed since she was a child?

But Xion at the side is different. Even though she is now an eight-star martial artist, she is the strongest in the whole wedding scene except charlie, but she is not arrogant. On the contrary, the more she is like this, the more she feels charlie treats himself too well, and he has too much kindness to repay, so in front of charlie, he will always be the little girl who obeys his orders and is willing to do everything for him.

When he came to charlie, Zara called out respectfully, “Hello, Mr. Wade.”

Xion beside him also said softly, “Hello, Mr. Wade!”

charlie nodded, and Xion asked him in a low voice, “Mr. Wade.” , aren’t you going to be a wedding witness today? Why aren’t you wearing a suit?”


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